3 Ways of Purchasing Content
in Telebreeze Player

The development and rapid growth of the interactive TV market present operators with new challenges. Each year, the number of streaming platforms is growing, and users are becoming more selective, preferring the platforms with the best quality of service. Now operators must guarantee users not only a unique and constantly updated media library, ensure that the platform matches the usual and convenient UI / UX, but also the highest quality of content purchasing. It has become important to provide subscribers with comfort not only during direct viewing of content but also on the way of purchasing it since the overall monetization of the service and the operator's final profit depend on the variety and convenience of the methods of purchasing content by subscribers.

The traditional way to purchase content on the OTT platform is to buy a subscription or a piece of content (a movie of a TV series) for a certain period by debiting the cost of the package from the balance or by activating promotional codes (vouchers). Sometimes subscribers do not need the entire package or a long period of use, then the platform makes it possible to rent video content.

Let's take a closer look at the example of our custom application — Telebreeze Multiplatform Player. It offers the following ways of purchasing content:

1. Buying content through subscriptions

The most popular and widespread method. We offer an operator to customize the subscription functionality in accordance with his business model. When creating a payment plan, an operator can choose settings of offers (payment plans for their subscribers) as flexibly as possible. For example, put the created plans in a category and display them on the main screen, personalize the access of plans by distribution platforms, or by user location, set a restriction on the use of some payment systems to purchase plans.
By the way, operators can add payment systems with which users pay for content: popular services - PayPal, Stripe, local to the country of the system operator, or replenishment of an account through the internal balance of the system without linking third-party payment services.
At the same time, the operator can make the plan a child or parent: the user will have to purchase first the parent plan, then the child, while it is impossible to purchase the child plan directly without the parent. The operator can also expand the plan by adding the number of minutes to record nPVR.
Buying a package in Telebreeze Multiplatform Player
2. Renting or buying a single movie

There are situations when users do not need a whole package of content, it is not new, uninteresting or expensive for them.
Remember how many times you wanted to watch a particular movie on the platform, but for this you either had to subscribe or buy a whole package?
The functions of buying or renting media completely solve this problem. Now an operator can sell movies separately or make some of the media elements of his library leased for a certain period specified by him in Telebreeze Middleware.
Buying a movie
Renting a movie
Thanks to these functions, users have the opportunity for a small fee to get access to exactly the movie, show, or series that they are interested in for the required period of time.

3. Buying plans via vouchers

A voucher is a virtual certificate for a subscription or replenishment of the balance within the system, which can be purchased and used at any time.
Voucher activation screen
The operator can create vouchers for a specific payment plan or for top-ups for a specific amount. To use it, a subscriber needs to purchase a voucher in the Shop section of the Telebreeze Multiplatform Player user application and enter its number in the voucher activation field, after which the user gets access to the plan of interest.

A special feature of the voucher is that you can not only use it yourself, but also give it to your friends and family.


Due to the wide variety of content consumption methods in the system, operators have the opportunity to build their own business model: choose one of the presented methods of the content consumption or combine several. A flexible policy of selling content affects the promotion of the streaming platform, usability, and clear logic for subscribers. The clarity and diversity of the content acquisition functionality is a logical continuation of UI/UX trends such as the desire to simplify interaction and the most understandable variability. These are exactly the standards that are required to move to a digital world with well-established rules for the use of digital video platforms.