Telebreeze offers a value added partnership in providing the best service for IPTV and OTT TV markets.

Why partner with Telebreeze?

The OTT TV market is booming: forecasts show that OTT TV revenues will reach $159 billion in 2024 – more than double comparing to 2018.
This diagram shows that viewers will spend Billions of dollars for OTT subscriptions during the next 5 years.
Why? Because OTT is a new comfortable and trending technology: people may watch movies with their tablets or smartphones from anywhere.
From their side, corporations spend huge money to make gigabytes of content to engage audience and make them pay for subscriptions.

Are you in?

The expansion of Amazon Prime, Netflix and others not only have boosted the interest of local viewers, but also galvanized local companies into action.

Regional content is still relevant to viewers, and always will be. So don't miss the market – there are lots of opportunities in OTT for the upcoming years.

Be the Perfect Partner

Telebreeze cooperates with lots of companies in the Telecom industry. You will be an ideal partner, if:
You have the awareness of the Telecom industry
You know your regional market
Desirable, but not necessary: you have a technical team for implementation/support
What does Telebreeze provide to you as a Partner?
Discounted Telebreeze products
The discount starts from 10% and depends on your status in the project.
Marketing support
Brochures, presentations, product descriptions, possibly branded with Partner's logos.
Planning and calculation of the project
See the detailed description below.
Joint presentations, exhibitions, roadshows, and press releases.
Help in negotiations with customers.
Training and documentation
On-site or remore training. Documentaion and access to knowledge base.
Technical support
Launch and further maintenance of the project.
Best practices and examples
Know how for launching and developing IPTV and OTT TV projects.

What does "Planning and calculation of the project" stage include?

This is a core stage when preparing an IPTV or OTT TV project.
1. Gathering information about resources and purposes.

2. Find out what end-user devices are required in the project. Forecasting potential loading of the network, calculation of server platform configuration.

3. Decide whether you use a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

4. Choose services required for integration:
- payment systems
- operator billing
- hotel system
- advertising platforms (integrated Telebreeze platform, AdMob, InMobi, etc.)

5. Find out what branding and design elements will be required for video player appearance.

6. Find out what user behavior data will be gathered in the system.

7. Project payback calculation. Working out hardware specification. Preparing project plan.

8. Find out, if Telebreeze technical support will be required.

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