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You have a business task to launch your own video platform, but you don't know where to start. Cloud technologies are right here to help you. The best way to test your business hypothesis is to start with the Cloud Video Service, a turn-key streaming platform. This solution allows you not to think about hardware installation and configuration, content delivery methods, because all infrastructure required for video services is already organized in our Cloud.
Benefits of Telebreeze Cloud Video Service:

  1. Low price and fast launch. You don't invest in premises and installation of physical servers, additional technical staff.
  2. CDN infrastructure is included. You do not think about how to effectively deliver content to different regions. We have already resolved this issue for you.
  3. You don't need to take care about system updates to maintain the platform, you always use the latest stable system.

What Does the Launch of Cloud Video Service Gives to Your Company?


The operator saves time and money with the launch of Cloud Video Service. Because there is no need to search and order equipment, install software, set up CDN and other technical issues. Everything is already done. The Service Provider connects to the Cloud, sets own billing system, uploads the content and manages it. He does not need to watch over the equipment because it's done by special engineers in a data-center. The Service Provider takes care only of own business and brand management. The Service Provider can check his business hypothesis with minimum risks and investments using the Cloud video service.

In the future

The opportunity for growth is provided. It's possible to add more content, to implement new business-models (like AVoD), to be the Service Provider for own subscribers as well as a strategic partner for global content-providers.

What Is Needed to Start Cloud Video Service?

In order to launch your own Cloud Video Service you should:

  1. Connect your domain to Telebreeze Cloud and integrate the billing system;
  2. Choose the list of end-user platforms for content delivery (Android, iOS, Smart TV, Roku). Customize the platform interface according to your design; Upload your application to the stores.
  3. Upload content to the platform;
  4. After that you may start your marketing campaign and attract subscribers.

What Else Can We Do at This Stage?

Choose the monetization model: SVoD, AVoD, TVoD or hybrid.
  • AVoD (Advertising Video on Demand) – access to video is provided along with advertising, which is shown in the video at regular intervals.
  • SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) – access to video is provided through the purchase of a periodic subscription.
  • TVoD (Transactional Video on Demand) – access to video is limited either in the number of views or the time period in which it needs to be viewed.

What's Needed from the Client?

  • Content sources
    Upload a video-archive. Let us know about the content you have and a content provider. We'll help you to organize the content uploading and its preparation the most effective way.
  • Design kit
    Prepare the logos, graphics, and company colors according to our recommendations.
  • Billing and Payment
    Choose payment tools: the integration with existing subscriber payment system or connection to new systems.
  • Promotion
    Organize a marketing campaign to attract subscribers. According to our experience, a budget for promotion usually takes from 10 to 30 % of overall budget of the project.

What are the Timelines?

Each project is unique. Usually, it's quite fast to launch the Cloud Video Service, however the exact roll-out time depends on many factors: your wishes, the amount of settings and volume of content.

Which Stages Will We Go Through?

  • Define the project requirements. Find out what content and subscribers base the Service Provider has. Connection of domain to the service.
Stage result
Your domain is connected to the Telebreeze Cloud service.
  • Customization and branding of web-platform and mobile applications.
Stage result
The video-platform is installed on your web-site, management system is available, applications are set and ready for content uploading. Choosing monetization models, customizing billing and payment systems. Uploading applications to stores.
Content Uploading
  • Uploading content to the platform, setting up paid content.
Stage result
The content is uploaded to the Cloud, playlists are prepared, billing is set.
Launching the Video Cloud Service
  • Launching the Cloud Video Service and starting a campaign to attract viewers to your platform.

The Result

The Cloud Video Service is running and ready for distribution.

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