White Label Video Player for Any Screen

True multi-screen experience:
viewers enjoy their entertainment on whichever device they choose.

Control all of your content with easy to use IPTV middleware software to add, customize, and serve media to customers.
White Label
Add, manage, and customize customer profiles to make network administration a snap.
Monetization Tools
Establish income streams using channel packages, VoD packages, ad insertion capabilities, prepaid cards.
Live TV & VoD
Analyze your business.
Monitor visitors, content popularity, watching hours, ratings and location.
IPTV / OTT Player Description
Telebreeze Player is a cutting edge subscriber's interface for accessing media content. The player supports most popular operating systems and compatible with smartphones, tablets, TV boxes, and PCs. This ensures subscribers will have their media at their fingertips no matter the location. Telebreeze allows its subscribers to access high-quality media content on virtually any device.

A list of features includes:
  • Live streaming playback and playback from repository
  • ABR playback
  • Multiplatform playout
  • Pause and rewinding of live streams
  • Customization
  • NPVR
  • Ad insertion
  • In-app purchases

Supported Platforms

Telebreeze IPTV / OTT Player is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including all of the following: Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Amazon FireTV, Roku, Infomir MAG, LG WebOS, Tizen, AndroidTV, tvOS, and Web browsers (Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari).
OTT Player for Smart TVs & Set-Top Boxes
OTT Player for Smartphones

OTT Player Features

Through our player, not only can content be made available on a wide range of platforms, but subscribers can get their content when they want it and without problems or delays. Our player offers these great features, which are sure to keep your subscribers happy.
Watching Live and Programs from Archive
Archive makes available Catch up TV and Time shifted TV services for your customers.
EPG (Electronic program guide)
A list of current and scheduled programs with a short summary or commentary for each program. Makes user navigation easy.
DRM & Content Encryption
Integrated content encryption protects your content from unauthorized downloading.
Users see recommended content based on their favourite genres, actors, film directors, etc.
Viewing VoD Content
VoD content can be accessible via player interface. Also, users may watch video from a hard drive.
Favorite content
Users may add selected channels to "favorites" list.
Inclusive search in content library, including live channels, VoD, AoD, archive.
Promo notifications
Banners and text boxes that help service provider to promote new movies, channels, subscription packages, etc.
Parental Control
A feature that prevents children from viewing inappropriate content.
Buying Packages
Users can buy content packages via player applications. Packages may include live TV channels, VoD content, and audio content.
Setting content ratings via user interface. Service providers see overall rating results in their dashboard.
Users may choose menu languages via player interface.
Social integrations
User authorization and sharing content via social networks.
Bookmarks & Reminders
Users may add bookmarks and st reminders via EPG.
Users may choose between several audio tracks for each piece of content.

Monetization Options

Access to video is provided through the purchase of a periodic subscription.
Access to video is provided along with advertising, which is shown in the video at regular intervals.
Access to video is limited either in the number of views or the time period in which it needs to be viewed.
A viewer can purchase events to view via private telecast. The service provider shows the event at the same time to everyone ordering it.
In-app Shop
Online shop allows targeted offerings of any goods to subscribers: TV boxes, electronics, clothes etc.
Vouchers are prepaid cards with a security code. Vouchers can be distributed both offline (printed) and online. Vouchers may activate access to a certain content package or top up a user's balance.
Try Our OTT Player
You may install and test Telebreeze Player on iOS, Android, and LG webOS devices. To test more platform, please contact our team.
Please find "Telebreeze Education" application on Samsung TV store.

IPTV / OTT Player in Telebreeze Ecosystem

The Player is an integral part of Telebreeze Middleware, serving as end-user's interface to OTT ecosystem.
It also works perfectly with other Telebreeze's products.

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