White label LG WebOS application
for OTT operators
LG TV Application Features
Telebreeze provides its customers with applications for smart TVs based on LG webOS.
Watching Live TV with Catchup and nPVR on LG webOS
Live TV with the archive makes available Catch-up and Time-shifted TV services for your subscribers. Users can pause and rewind programs.
Watching VoD content
Users may watch movies and short clips via the LG TV application interface.
White Label Application
The LG TV application is branded with the operator's unique corporate style.

More Features for LG webOS TV App

EPG (Electronic program guide)
A list of current and scheduled programs with a short summary or commentary for each program. Makes user navigation easy.
DRM & Content Encryption
Integrated content encryption protects your content from unauthorized downloading.
Users see recommended contentbased on their favourite genres, actors, film directors, etc.
Inclusive search in content library, including live channels, VoD, AoD, archive.
OTT Marketing Tools
Banners and text boxes that help service provider to promote new movies, channels, subscription packages, etc.
Buying Packages
Users can buy content packages via player applications. Packages may include live TV channels, VoD content, and audio content.
Users may choose menu languages via player interface.
Social integrations
User authorization and sharing content via social networks.
Bookmarks & Reminders
Users may add bookmarks and st reminders via EPG.
Try Our LG webOS Player
You may install and test Telebreeze Player for LG webOS.

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