Launch a Digital Cinema

Digital cinema is an OTT service that provide Video-on-Demand, the possibility to watch movies and TV-shows online. In the era when analogue television and home cinema theatres are moving to the backstage, digital cinemas are becoming as popular as never before both for media/telecom companies and for content consumers.

For content aggregators digital-cinema is an opportunity to share their content with the audience and monetize it. For Cable TV operators it is the way to keep the position on the market. For new companies it's the chance to enter a promising market.

What Does the Launch of Digital Cinema or OTT Service Gives to Your Company?


Video service provider manages the Digital cinema on his own conditions. VoD service helps you to provide access to content from different end-user devices and monetize content according to the chosen business-model. Presence on video streaming market strengths the reputation of content-aggregators and ensures constant customer flow from selling the content using B2C model. For startup studios which produce content, the availability of their own video service, firstly, forms the brand and, secondly, ensures revenue growth.

In the future

With further expansion the service covers more geographical markets, becoming a strong player (like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Disney+), or can be acquired by a large Telecom Operator.

What Is Needed for Launching a Digital Cinema?

First of all, you should decide which type of system deployment fits you:

  1. On the cloud;
  2. On your premises;
  3. Mixed structure (management system is offered from the cloud, but VoD and streaming servers are installed on premises).
In order to launch Digital cinema, you will need: a management system, a multiplatform player, VoD servers, and media servers.

We use our own management system Telebreeze Middleware, a full-featured tool for managing IPTV/OTT business. Through the Middleware a service provider manages content and subscribers, DRM, monetization services, statistics, subscribers' personal areas.

Multiplatform player supports all of the most popular users platforms: Smart TVs, set-top-boxes, mobile devices, PC, media players — tvOS, Roku, Amazon FireTV.

Telebreeze VoD Server is a program package for the content preparation and distribution which allows the viewer to watch the content in good quality from any end-user device — Smart TV, tablet, smartphone — regardless of place, time and internet-connection speed.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) — is a geographically distributed group of servers for fast data transmission (HTML-pages, JavaScript files, style sheets, images and videos) needed for the internet-content downloading.

What Else Can We Do at This Stage?

Together with you, we determine the business model of the service – SVoD, TVoD, AVoD or another.
  • AVoD (Advertising Video on Demand) – the content is offered for free with advertising while watching.
  • SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) – paid content by subscriptions. The user buys a subscription and watches all the included content.
  • TVoD (Transactional Video on Demand) – the content is rented for the certain time period or number of views.

What Is Needed from the Client?

Content sources
Choose sources, get the content rights for audio and video files.
Design kit
Prepare the logos, graphics, and company colors according to our recommendations.
Choose location of facilities: rent a cloud data-centre or use own servers for system deployment.
Billing and Payment
Choose payment tools: the integration with existing subscriber payment system or connection to new systems.
Organize a technical team to incorporate IPTV servers into existing network architecture, to set a remote access for Telebreeze engineers, to maintain infrastructure after the roll-out.
Organize a marketing campaign to attract subscribers. According to our experience, a budget for promotion usually takes from 10 to 30 % of overall budget of the project.

What are the Timelines?

Each project is unique, the roll-out time depends on several factors: your technical capabilities and wishes, the amount of customizations, volume of content, and geographical regions for streaming.

Which Stages Will We Go Through?

  • Defining the project requirements. Research Service Provider's needs and select the solution.
  • Project description. Drawing up a project plan for Digital Cinema launching.
Stage result
We're ready to start the Digital Cinema service deployment.
Deployment of the IPTV/OTT Platform
  • Software installation. We install and configure Telebreeze software products. Build applications for the desired platforms.
  • Content publishing. We upload and prepare video and audio files for streaming, create content packages for subscribers.
  • Integrations. We make necessary integrations with third-party hardware or software, such as TV boxes or payment systems.
  • App customization. We help the Service Porviders to adapt the UI/UX of end-user applications, prepare a brand name, logos, banners, domains. We help in publishing apps in online stores.
Stage result
Software and content installed and configured. Apps are customized and published in stores.
Platform Roll Out
  • We support the Service Provider in launching the Digital Cinema to commercial production.
  • We provide subsequent technical support.
  • We offer training and documentation.

The Result

Digital Cinema is ready for commercial launch, you can connect subscribers.

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