Comprehensive coverage of the IPTV and OTT distribution pipeline

Pre-Integrated Solution Developed In-House

Telebreeze is a complete solution that covers IPTV/OTT distribution pipeline: content preparation, delivery, management at all stages, and playback at the variety of end-user devices.
All software components of the solution are developed in-house. This guarantees the best interoperability between software modules and maximum efficiency of the entire IPTV/OTT network.
Prepare Content
Control all of your content with easy to use IPTV middleware software to add, customize, and serve media to customers.
Add, manage, and customize customer profiles to make network administration a snap.
Establish income streams using channel packages, VoD packages, ad insertion capabilities, prepaid cards.
Analyze your business.
Monitor visitors, content popularity, watching hours, ratings and location.

Platform Overview

Telebreeze helps IPTV and OTT operators to start and scale their business. We help to…
Launch – helping to design an IPTV network on the OTT platform, plan costs, equipment specifications, grow strategies.
Manage – when the network is already launched, we provide you full control via an all-in-one management system
Monetize – we offer different content monetizing tools for your IPTV and OTT business.

Benefits of IPTV/OTT Platform

  • End-to-end solution: launch, manage and monetize your OTT TV system.
  • Cloud based / Premise based / Hybrid Solution.
  • Catchup TV and time-shift options.
  • Feature-rich management system: operator dashboard, billing, content management, customer management, DRM, statistics, and more.
  • Full support of multiple playback platforms, including mobile, Smart TVs and STBs.
  • Monetization via subscription, pay-per-view, and advertising models.
  • White label solution under your brand.

Features of IPTV / OTT Platform

Live Transcoding
Over the Top TV / IPTV streaming software, Catch Up, TimeShift, Content Protection System, High Performance and Picture Quality. Learn more...
The Telebreeze Player supports all popular operation systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS. Learn more...
Monetization Tools
Subscriptions, pay-per-view, ad insertion with targeting on your audience. Billing: integration with 3rd party payment systems and payment reports. Learn more...
Feature rich system: Customer's profile, Billing, Content management, Customers management, DRM, Statistics, etc. Learn more...
Video on Demand
Movies and TV shows. Categories. Automatical Content Preparatory Mode, Adaptive Streaming (Apple HLS / HTTP). Learn more...
White Label
Fully customizable design, your logo insertion, your domain name. Learn more...
Adaptive Video Streaming
We provide HLS protocol adaptive streaming support. This IPTV technology guarantees a perfect image with the highest possible quality auto tuning according to Internet speed. Learn more...
Customer Support
Highly skilled specialists provide timely technical support and are always ready to answer your questions.
We guarantee 3 years of uninterrupted operation in case of the solution purchase. If you are not satisfied with the solution, we give your money back within 30 days.
OTT TV Platform Architecture

OTT Platform Applications

Over-the-Top (OTT) Internet television involves the delivery of video content from video service providers to end users over the public Internet. OTT services can then be accessed by anyone who has a suitable high-speed connection to the Internet.
The OTT platform provides all necessary features for OTT operators and completely covers the OTT distribution from a video source to a subscriber. This includes:
  • Video capturing from any source (DVB, IP, File archive)
  • A Middleware solution for operators, management of video streams and delivery of content
  • Adaptive video streaming to a wide range of devices
  • Support of 17 playback TV platforms

The Telebreeze Experience

With Telebreeze you can build an IPTV/OTT network on an unlimited scale. Our team offers professional assistance in the setup and the configuring of a solution in your location, as well as training of your staff.

Since 2012, Telebreeze has been helping enterprises around the world with launching OTT TV services. More than 100 companies from over 54 countries have already implemented our OTT platform during this period.

Components of OTT TV Platforms

Telebreeze customizes and launches your IPTV/OTT system using following products:
  • Middleware
    With Telebreeze Middleware you can easily and conveniently control and manage your interactive TV network.
  • Media Server
    The Telebreeze Media Server distributes your media content via the Internet to multiple end-user devices, making video content available on any screen.
  • Coder
    If you need to prepare video content for adaptive streaming, the Telebreeze Coder provides both uncompromising speed and quality.
  • Video on Demand
    The Telebreeze Video on Demand server allows your subscribers to select and watch video content whenever and however they like.
  • Multiplatform Player
    Offering the support of 17 platforms allows your subscribers to watch media content on any device, such as:
    • Set-top Box
    • Smart TV
    • Smartphone
    • Tablet PC.

Implementing Video Streaming Projects
for Service Providers

Research and Planning of Video Streaming Project
• We gather information about resources and purposes of project.
• Considering future growth, we calculate the capacity of streaming system.
• Together with the Client we develop project plan and prepare network infrastructure for future launch.
Deploy of IPTV/OTT System
• We make necessary integrations with 3rd party hardware or software, such as TV boxes or payment systems.
• Install and configure the software.
• Configure and prepare of TV&Video content for streaming.
• Adapt UI/UX, personalize branding and design.
Launch & Support of Video Streaming Project
• We support the Client in launching the project to commercial production.
• Provide further technical support.
• Provide training and documentation.

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