TV Broadcasting with Real-Time Encoding and Transcoding System from Telebreeze

Functionality coming with the Transcoders allows service providers
to deliver TV broadcasting in resolutions up to 4K.

Telebreeze Coder Features for TV Broadcasting

Adaptive Streaming
Input stream encoding into several output streams with various resolutions/bitrates (Apple HTTP Live Streaming)
Extreme effectiveness of computing resources utilization significantly cuts expenses for IPTV head-end hardware for broadcast TV
Ability to increase the number of channels, or shift to HD broadcasting TV without upgrading delivery channels
High Quality
Highest video quality, unachievable for hardware solutions
Web Interface
Simple Web interface to configurate the server
Hardware Acceleration
Support of Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration

Product Description for Television Broadcasting

Telebreeze offers a wide range of products and services to help IPTV/OTT companies be the very best that they can be and to offer premium quality, products, and services to their subscribers. One of the highest-rated and most in-demand of these products is the coder — a real-time encoding and transcoding system that enables both broadcasters and service providers to offer a wide range of content and related broadcasting tv services in standard, high definition (HD), or even 4K (Ultra-HD) resolution for an enhanced viewing experience every single time.

While many of the coders for television broadcasting on the market cost a fortune and offer only a fraction of the quality of the Telebreeze coder, this coder is highly cost-effective due to advanced hardware acceleration technologies. Not only is it very affordable to purchase or to lease, but it also does not require you to purchase any outside hardware.

What does this mean for you? It equates to one live broadcast software that does it all. In fact, you can use it with the hardware of your choice, which includes third party hardware that you have purchased elsewhere. Telebreeze simply wants you to be happy and satisfied with its products and tv broadcast services, and it accomplishes that goal by ensuring its coder works with a third-party hardware server. Of course, we would be happy to share our recommendations for optimized hardware specifications.

The coder comes with features that ensure high-quality and cost-effective transcoding of the operator's content. You can find some of these in the list below:

  • Multi-bitrate encoding, making it possible for operators to stream their content through a variety of streaming devices.
  • Advanced Hardware Acceleration technology for broadcast tv (based on Intel Quick Sync)
  • HD/UHD capability.
  • Time shift feature.
  • Flexible real-time changes in transcoding quality.
  • Frame rate conversion
  • Super high video quality
  • Crop feature
  • De-interlace feature
  • Easy configuration and web-interface

The bottom line is that, with this coder, all you have to do is prepare your video content in the resolution that meets your needs. You can set it up to ultra HD and then, our coder queues it up for high-quality adaptive streaming, live streaming television broadcasting, catch-up options, and more. That's pretty rare and basically unheard of from one coder alone — unless you have the Telebreeze coder. Don't rely on other, less efficient and unreliable options.

If you demand only the best and want the same for your customers and your business, then the Telebreeze Coder is for your tv broadcasting solution. This solution is integrated and delivers excellent performance in working with other Telebreeze's products like

Essentially, it becomes the "engine" of content preparation for the whole Telebreeze IPTV/OTT platform.

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