Expand The Subscriber Base With Larger OTT Devices List

OTT services continue to pay attention to the quality of services provided, however, one of the main factors of profit growth remains the expansion of the subscriber base. For this reason, companies are investing in expanding the subscriber base due to the greater number of supported OTT devices by the platform.

OTT devices are used by end-users to watch interactive video content. Such devices include:
  • Set-top-box (Android, Roku). The device is connected to a TV and allows playback of video content from the Internet;
  • Smart TVs (Tizen, Webos, Android TVs) or TVs which are supplied with already embedded Internet streaming functionality;
  • Desktop computers (Windows, MacOs);
  • Mobile devices: tablets, smartphones (iOS, Android).

Telebreeze provides media content playback on different types of platforms. Totally, we support more than 15 platforms.

The Service Provider addresses us with the task of extending the list of end-user devices by updating the platform within the existing network. To do that, we need:
  • To finalize the new list of platforms;
  • Go through all the stages of OTT platform deployment;
  • Prepare applications to each platform;
  • Place them in app markets or provide another way of app distribution;
  • Integrate the application with external services (billing, SMS centers, protection);
  • Switch subscribers to the new system right before disconnecting the old one.
If the operator was a Telebreeze client previously and launched OTT business with the basic list of platforms, then it is quite simple to extend the list of new devices:
  • Finalize additional list of platforms;
  • Build applications for specified platforms;
  • Place them in app markets or provide another way of app distribution;
  • Integrate the application with external services (billing, SMS centres, protection).

What Does the Extension of OTT Devices List Give to the Company?


The main advantage of OTT TV is multiscreen, the ability to access the content over multiple screens at once having full functionality for each. The company increases competitiveness with the expansion of must-have OTT platform, as a wide range of user devices is no longer a luxury, but a necessary condition to keep market positions.

In the future

The operator uses a variety of devices to diversify package offers, targeting different audience, and making marketing strategy flexible.

What Is Needed?

In order to expand the subscriber base with large OTT devices list you need two main tools - management system and multiplatform player.

We use our own management system Telebreeze Middleware, a full-featured tool for managing IPTV/OTT business. Through the Middleware a service provider manages content and subscribers, DRM, monetization services, statistics, subscribers' personal areas.

Telebreeze Multiplatform Player supports all the most popular users platforms: Smart TVs, set-top-boxes, mobile devices, PC, media players — Roku, Amazon FireTV.

What Else Can We Do at This Stage?

The installation of transcoders could be needed for content preparation to broadcast to new OTT-devices.

When the supported OTT devices list expands and the number of subscribers will grow, the Service Provider could need extra Media servers to deliver content in more efficient way.

What the Client Should Think About?

  • Content sources
    The operator already has the content sources, so they should be prepared only for the new OTT-devices.
  • Design kit
    Prepare the logos, graphics, and company colors according to our recommendations.
  • Equipment
    Choose location of facilities: rent a cloud data-centre or use own servers for system deployment.
  • Billing and Payment
    Choose payment tools: the integration with existing subscriber payment system or connection to new systems.
  • Engineers
    Organize a technical team to incorporate IPTV servers into Operator's existing network architecture, to set a remote access for Telebreeze engineers, to maintain infrastructure after the roll-out.
  • Promotion
    Organize a marketing campaign to attract subscribers. According to our experience, a budget for promotion usually takes from 10 to 30 % of overall budget of the project.

What Are the Timelines?

Each project is unique. Usually, it's quite fast to launch new platforms, especially from current Telebreeze clients. However the exact roll-out time depends on many factors: your wishes, the amount of settings and volume of content.

Which Stages Will We Go Through?

  • Research Service Provider's needs for new platforms.
Deployment of the IPTV/OTT Platform
  • The Service Provider prepares the system from its side. The client orders and builds head-end, servers, converts streams in IP, sets up the network.
  • Software installation. We install and configure Telebreeze software.
  • Content publishing. We connect and configure live channels, upload and prepare audio and video files for streaming, create content packages for subscribers.
Platform Roll Out
  • We support the Service Provider in launching the IPTV/OTT project to commercial production.
  • We provide subsequent technical support.
  • We offer training and documentation.

The Result

The platform supports more OTT devices, you're ready to expand the subscriber base.

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