Company: TelePlus
Location: Thailand
Industry: Satellite

As a subsidiary of Asia Broadcasting Television Co., Ltd. and a leading broadcasting company in Thailand, TelePlus was searching for a technology partner in order to launch a global OTT project in Thailand and all of South East Asia.

Telebreeze went forward by installing and launching a head-end station in our data center. On top of that, they customized unique features for our undertaking.

What are your strategic plans of using Telebreeze plaform?
Our objective is to reach 10mln subscribers within 5 years.

We truly enjoyed working with Telebreeze. Their staff is nothing short of brilliant! We're sure anyone who utilizes their offerings will reach success.

Chirasak Sriwirom, CEO TelePlus

Company: VTV
Location: Vietnam
Industry: National television

We wanted to set up a head-end IPTV station.

– Telebreeze was able to install and launch their IPTV software for a head-end station with live broadcasting and VoD services for subscribers.
– Furthermore, they installed the Telebreeze Middleware management system with subscriber database management, content management and billing

About VTV:
Founded in 1970, VTV is a broadcasting network covering the whole of Vietnam, while providing services through satellites in many locations throughout the world. We offer 6 nationwide free-to-air channels, 5 regional free-to-air channels and hundreds of pay TV channels. In fact, we provide over 120,000 hours of broadcasting free-to-air channels with over 15,000 hours of satellite broadcasting annually.We also operate out of 5 regional branches and 8 representative offices abroad. Moreover, VTV employs around 4,000 people.
We count on Telebreeze to help us reach our IPTV goals.

Do Viet Hung, General Director


Company: Inform Communications
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Industry: Internet and IPTV service provider

We needed to determine how to deploy an IPTV service for subscribers in multiple areas around Kyrgyzstan.

Telebreeze gave us a robust solution by:
– Installing and launching IPTV software for head-end station with live broadcasting and VoD services for subscribers.
– Assisting us with installation of their Middleware management system for subscriber database management, content management and billing.

About Inform Communications:
Inform Communications was founded in 2009 as a leading licensed digital TV equipment and service provider in the Kyrgyz Republic. It was in 2009 that the company launched its contemporary IPTV service under the "Smart TV" brand. Currently, the company provides HD TV broadcasting in major cities of Kyrgyzstan, including Bishkek.
We trust Telebreeze as a valued partner in helping us to achieve our IPTV servicing goals.

ISMAIL KAMALOV, Inform Communications

Company: Beeline KG
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Industry: Mobile operator

Belline KG is a subsidiary of one of Russia's major mobile operators. Beeline KG has launched BeeTV - an OTT TV service based on Telebreeze technologies.
BeelineBeeTVBeeline player

Company: Broadlink Network and Communication PVT LTD
Location: Nepal
Industry: Internet Service Provider

Our company was launching a new IPTV service for ISP clients. In addition, we wanted to set up a head-end IPTV station and integrate it into an ISP network.

– Telebreeze was able to help us install and launch IPTV software for head-end station with live broadcasting and VoD services for over 800,000 subscribers in Nepal.
– Moreover, they installed a Middleware management system that offered content management, billing and a subscriber database management system.
– They then integrated all of those services with a Portaone billing system.

About Broadlink:
Broadlink offers Wi-Fi Internet, IPTV and telephone services in almost every major city of Nepal and throughout the nation. Since its debut, Broadlink has provided coverage to over 80 cities and is still growing.

Binod Timalsina, CEO

Company: Aile
Location: Azerbaijan
Industry: Internet and TV service provider


– Installing and launching IPTV software for head-end station with live broadcasting and VoD services for subscribers.
- Integration with local services.

The company uses the most advanced technology currently offers TV services under the brand Ailə TV and internet service provider under the brand Ailə NET Along with cable TV services company offers IP TV service and technology-based OTT (Over The Top).

Thanks to technology OTT TV channel packages Ailə TV viewed, perhaps anywhere in the world, without antennas and cables. .


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