Launching Mobile TV

Interactive TV within mobile network or Mobile TV is a service for providing TV programming and videos to owners of mobile devices connected to a cellular telephone network.

Mobile television or "TV in your Pocket" became a popular service among millions of subscribers. People don't have to stay home in order to watch their favorite show. They can watch TV channels and videos on their tablets or phones connected to the Internet. Mobile operators rely on the variety of content and multi-platform model (the ability to watch content on different devices, from TV to cellphone) instead of traditional linear broadcasting.

In order to run interactive television in mobile networks, it's necessary to analyze the structure of content traffic and prepare it for adaptive streaming (different streaming quality depending on different connection speed). It's also required to select hardware, install software, prepare applications and ensure they are published in mobile markets (Google Play, App Store, etc.).

What Does the Launch of Mobile TV Give an Operator?


Mobile TV becomes an integral part of the operators' service. The mobile operator, using OTT, provides subscribers with video content, adding value to current suite of services. Thus, OTT can not only help to maintain current customer base, but also attract new subscribers.

In the future

The Mobile TV service becomes a full-fledged source of income for a mobile operator. The revenue growth rate increasing due to greater consumption of Internet traffic. This is important now, when the decline in revenue from calls and sms forces to offer subscribers all new services.

What Is Needed to Start Mobile TV?

To launch Mobile TV you need: a management system, a multi-platform player for mobile applications, media servers and transcoders.

We use our own management system Telebreeze Middleware, a full-featured tool for managing IPTV/OTT business. Through the Middleware a service provider manages content and subscribers, DRM, monetization services, statistics, subscribers' personal areas.

Multiplatform player supports all of the most popular users platforms: Smart TVs, set-top-boxes, mobile devices, PC, media players — Roku, Amazon FireTV.

Transcodersare necessary for getting the content ready for adaptive streaming. It's important for streaming within mobile networks with unstable connection.

Telebreeze Media Server allows content delivery as well as catch up (archive storage).

What Else Can We Do at This Stage?

  • Install a Video-on-Demand server.
  • Integrate your billing, SMS system, OSS/BSS.

What Is Needed from the Mobile Operator?

  • Content sources
    Choose sources, get the content rights for channels, audio and video files.
  • Design kit
    Prepare the logos, graphics, and company colors according to our recommendations.
  • Equipment
    Choose location of facilities: rent a cloud data-centre or use own servers for system deployment.
  • Billing and Payment
    Choose payment tools: the integration with existing subscriber payment system or connection to new systems.
  • Engineers
    Organize a technical team to incorporate IPTV servers into Operator's existing network architecture, to set a remote access for Telebreeze engineers, to maintain infrastructure after the roll-out.
  • Promotion
    Organize a marketing campaign to attract subscribers. According to our experience, a budget for promotion usually takes from 10 to 30 % of overall budget of the project.

What Are the Timelines?

Each project is unique, the roll-out time depends on several factors: technical capabilities and wishes of Mobile Operators, the amount of customizations, volume of content, and geographical regions for streaming.

Which Stages Will We Go Through?

  • We research the needs of the Mobile Operator, analyze the business model, infrastructure and content, and select the solution.
  • Together with the client we select the optimal structure of software and equipment, prepare the infrastructure, order and configure the equipment.
  • Also, we select platforms for video streaming.
Stage result
The infrastructure is ready for the deployment of Telebreeze solution.
Deployment of the IPTV/OTT Platform
  • Software installation. We install and configure Telebreeze software products. Build applications for the desired platforms.
  • Content publishing. We connect and configure live channels, upload and prepare video and audio files for streaming, create content packages for subscribers.
  • Integrations. We make necessary integrations with third-party hardware or software, such as TV boxes or payment systems.
  • App customization. We help the Mobile Operator to adapt the UI/UX of end-user applications, prepare a brand name, logos, banners, domains. We help in publishing apps in online stores.
Stage result
Software and content installed and configured. Apps are customized and published in stores.
Platform Roll Out
  • We support the Mobile Operator in launching the IPTV/OTT project to commercial production.
  • We provide subsequent technical support.
  • We offer training and documentation.

The Result

The Mobile TV service is configured and ready for connection of subscribers.

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