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At Telebreeze, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs and to help you offer the very best IPTV/OTT service to your customers. And, while all of our products are necessary and efficient, none could possibly be more critical than our IPTV middleware services, which is at the core of what every IPTV/OTT provider needs.
Control all of your content with easy to use IPTV middleware software to add, customize, and serve media to customers.
Add, manage, and customize customer profiles to make network administration a snap.
Establish income streams using channel packages, VoD packages, ad insertion capabilities, prepaid cards.
Measure Performance
Analyze your business.
Monitor visitors, content popularity, watching hours, ratings and location.

IPTV Middleware Description

Telebreeze IPTV/OTT Middleware is the core of the system and operator's member area controlling operation of all modules on all levels.

It is a multi-operated web-application, and it can control all aspects and modules of your technology solutions. In short, it is the way that you, as a business owner, will manage your programming and offerings for your customers.

A list of features includes:
  • Content management
  • Subscriber management
  • Streaming servers monitoring
  • Management of billing and monetizations tools
  • Statistics & reports
  • API for 3rd party integrations

Generate new revenue streams by implementing different strategies

Handle your media content easily

Measure your business performance

Full List of Features of IPTV Middleware

IPTV Middleware in Telebreeze ecosystem

The solution is core of all Telebreeze software modules.
With Telebreeze Middleware you can easily and conveniently control and manage your video streaming network.
Coder provides live preparation of multi-bitrate content using the adaptive bitrate technology and the hardware acceleration.
The Telebreeze Video on Demand server allows your subscribers to select and watch video content whenever and however they like.
Media Server distributes your content via the Internet to end-user devices. Can serve as a CDN node.

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