Develop a Detailed OTT Project Plan

Telebreeze experts can prepare a detailed project plan to help you to launch an OTT service. This is a consulting service which includes evaluation of your needs and resources, project calculation, list of technical specifications and project implementation plan.

In order to prepare the OTT TV project, we need to: analyze the types and sources of content, assess the technical base of a company, compile a list of end-user devices, plan content delivery, determine the ways of service monetization, define the requirements for video player design, required statistical data and technical support.

What the Detailed OTT Project Plan Gives to a Customer?


The prepared OTT Project Plan will save your time and money while launching your video service. It will be easier for you to make right decisions, because you will have:
  • A «road map» with marked main steps for platform deployment and launch;
  • The list of necessary equipment and its configuration;
  • The list of necessary software components that are required to start the project;
  • Estimated budget of the project;
  • Instructions for setting up localization for customers;
  • Instructions for working with statistical and analytical services;
  • Terms of reference drafts for:
    - integration of CDN,
    - integration of billing and payment systems,
    - development of UX/UI for applications,
    - registration of subscribers.

In the future

The prepared OTT Project helps to:
  • plan the budget and compare the project cost with prices provided by other companies;
  • reduce the cost of the project by delegating this work to us;
  • work out deployment timelines and prepare the required data and resources.

What's Needed to Develop a Detailed IPTV/OTT Plan?

To develop an OTT Project Plan, you need:
1. Gather information about the goals and resources of your project:
  • What are the goals of the project?
  • Does the company have an experience with such projects?
  • What equipment the company already has?
  • How is the existing network organized?
  • Are your employees trained enough to work with the platform?
  • What is the content, its sources?
  • How many subscribers are expected at the beginning?
  • How fast will your network grow?
The upgrade level depends on existing equipment and network configurations.
Access to the content affects the project perspective and timelines, the choice of equipment, servers capacity and configuration.

2. Define the list of end-user devices needed for the project: PC browser, IPTV/OTT boxes (Android or Linux), Android TV, Android Mobile, iOS, Smart TV.
The choice of the device affects the timelines, the final cost of the project and the service quality.

3. Resolve the delivery issue.
  • Will the service be local or global?
  • In global case, what CDN provider will be used?
  • Do you need our help in choosing a CDN partner?
The presence of CDNs affects the integration process with the platform and the roll-out time.

4. Select the project monetization services, some of them could require additional integration:
  • payment systems (PayPal, Payme, etc.),
  • integration with content providers,
  • operator's billing system,
  • advertising platforms (inbuilt Telebreeze platform, AdMob, InMobi, any other).
The monetization method and the technical solution chosen for that affect the timeline and the cost of the project.

6. Define what elements of corporate identity are needed to design the video player.
The list of requirements affects the project time and cost, and the quality of services for end users.

7. Determine which user behaviour data the system should collect.
The software configuration and system setup time depend on the depth and complexity of statistics.

8. Plan technical support after the project launching.
After the project is deployed, you'll probably need our technical support. We assign one of our managers to the project and plan regular consultations.

What Else Can We Do at This Stage?

  • Calculate the payback period of the project.
  • Provide an introductory course for company employees on the basic principles and terms of IPTV / OTT.

What's Needed from the Client?

Information. The sooner you make all the decisions and we get the necessary data the faster we can prepare the OTT project plan.

What are the Timelines?

The time of drawing up a detailed plan depends on how fast you provide information and answers on all our questions.

What are the Stages We Take?

Collection of requirements
  • We explore the equipment and network, help the client to make decisions about the filling and functions of the project.

Stage result
All conditions and task are known.
Design preparation and approval
  • Based on the received information, we propose a solution and you approve the structure of the platform. We study the customer's documentation: billing API, services, selected payment systems.

Stage result
We are ready to proceed with the development of terms of reference and/or specifications.
Drawing up terms of reference (specifications)
  • Prepare equipment specifications.
  • Prepare software specifications.
  • Draw up a work plan.

Stage result
The OTT Project is ready.

In addition to the technical justification we can get ready the economic one. Thus the result of the work will be completed with analysis of payback time, ROI and growth factors of the project.

The Result

The OTT Project is ready, you can start the implementation.

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