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Founded in 2011 by the team of video encoding experts, Telebreeze develops software products for IPTV/OTT projects worldwide. We help our clients and partners to grow by providing them professional solutions and consultancy.



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Our Story
From a solution written in three weeks,
to the worldwide business.
2012 – 2014
The idea of developing a video service software for providing users with TV content by subscription came to Nickolay Pesegov, the founder and CEO of Telebreeze, after the CES 2012 exhibition in Las Vegas. At that time, Nickolay worked as a technical support specialist at Elecard, which develops software products for video and audio encoding, decoding, and processing.

In April Nickolay prepared a demo version of the software for remote streaming of TV channels via the Internet. He presented this version at the NAB Show 2012. By this time, a new company Telebreeze was founded, which became an Elecard spin-off.

A few months later, we had our first client: Sabai TV project, a television service in Thailand. Several thousand residents were able to watch their own television through a set-top box.
Thanks to the first projects, our company became independent, opened its own office, and hired the first employees.
Nickolay Pesegov is the CEO of the newly founded Telebreeze company. Confidently demonstrates a prototype solution at the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas.
The first office of the company is comfortably located in a 5x5-meter room within the walls of the university. At the same time, it was free.
Sergey Sinitsyn is the founder of Sabai TV at a trade show in Hong Kong, where the first batch of set-top boxes was purchased.
2015 – 2017
Since 2015, the global interactive TV market has been actively developing.

We have found ourselves at the forefront of companies providing IPTV / OTT solutions: the business is scaling, sales and profits increase, which leads to a fourfold growth of the company per year. Projects appear in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

We are gradually updating our products: a new player, control panel, expansion of Smart TV platforms.
We invest in promotion in North America, Asia, and Africa; we are proud to demonstrate our solutions at the largest technology exhibitions in the world: IBC, NAB Show, AfricaCom, SCaTINDIA. We focus on providing solutions to medium and large operators.
Technical support employee diligently solves customer issues.
Vladislav (Telebreeze) and Pratap (Inygo) at Broadcast Asia 2017.
Telebreeze at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas.
2018 – 2020
We start to visit partners and clients, they come with return visits.

We enter the market in South America and actively develop in Africa. The number of countries where our service is presented increases to 74.
Julia and Andrey - our business development managers met with a Latin American client Cinecable.
New scene for viewing content in our application. Beautiful. Like it ourselves.
Our Indian partner, went dog sledding during his business trip to Russia. Was satisfied.
At the moment, the IPTV / OTT market is experiencing a rapid grow, becoming more concentrated: new providers of interactive TV appear, new customers, and new requests. We respond to this challenge by changing our strategy: the priority is to expand the distribution geography, conquer new markets, continue to improve the solution, and provide reliable service to our customers.
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