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Cinecable TV

Migration from Cable to Interactive OTT
for Cinecable, an Ecuadorian TV and Internet Service Provider

About the Company

Business Task

Cinecable had outdated analogue cable television and planned to upgrade its technology to provide advanced television services to its customers and become one of the first OTT TV providers in the country.

In addition to provision of interactive TV packages by the "Internet + Television" model, the company decided to promote the new platform as a separate video service for the country's residents.

Why Telebreeze?

"We believe that over the years, Telebreeze's specialists have learned how to respond to complex customer requests, forming the best solution for the provision of OTT services.

As the best cable TV operator in the local market, we protect our reputation and hope that with the Telebreeze solution we will maintain this status."

Lauro Alvarez

Project Input Requirements

  • Transition of analog headend to IP.
  • Support of multibitrate feature.
  • Development of the system capable to serve not less than 50 thousand users in own (local) and external networks.
  • Possibility of adding sub-operators to the systen and share infrastucture and content with them.
  • Support of live TV and Video on Demand service (VoD).
  • Help to choose hardware for the project.


3 months
Deployment of the system — a transition of headend from cable to IP
Provision of OTT services
the first part of Cinecable customers.
System expansion according to the growth of the number of clients.
Helping small local companies to organize an OTT service.


At the time of the request, the company had outdated headend equipment in the analog network, a developed Internet network, including fiber optic and its own data centers for hosting the solution.

A complete replacement of headend equipment from analog to IP was not suitable for the company, so the installation of additional gateways was proposed to convert the analog signal to IP.

After installing the gateways, we planned to connect Telebreeze transcoders to implement multibitrate and archiving functions.
The number of gateways and transcoders was calculated in accordance with the number of channels available to the operator. Additional transcoders were counted according to Cinecable's growth plan with the addition of more TV channels to the system.

The server for the core of the system, Middleware, was designed with a margin for the ability to service at least 50 thousand users, in accordance with the company's request for further scaling of the system. Middleware allows suboperators to be added to an existing service.
For content delivery, Cinecable chose to organize its own local CDN, built on the basis of Telebreeze Media Servers. The number of Media Servers was calculated based on the number of towns in which the company plans to provide services and the number of end users in each of them. The Telebreeze VoD server has also been added.

The entire solution is hosted at own Cinecable facilities.

The main focus of the company is on STB and mobile devices as end-user devices.
At the moment, the project is at the stage of system deployment: migration of cable TV signal to IP.

Following the migration, the system is planned to be expanded throughout the Cinecable network as a complement to the existing service. In addition, the company is ready to help all other local service providers with the preparation of OTT infrastructure and content in order to improve the quality of television services throughout the country.

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