success story

New Africa Medias

Launching a local OTT platform
with the possibility of entering the market of neighboring countries.

About the Company

Business Task

The company was looking for an OTT platform provider to develop a business for the exclusive provision of interactive television in Senegal.

Initially, the company planned to launch a small project for 1.000 subscribers, then expand to 1.000.000, build its own data center, and enter the market of neighboring countries.

Why Telebreeze

The company was satisfied with the price-quality ratio of the proposed platform and the presence of key features for the project: the ability to add sub-operators to the system, player for all devices, especially smartphones and web-browsers with both free and paid packages.

Project Input Requirements

  • To keep within the Proof-of-Concept budget.
  • Reliable technical support team.
  • The ability to create playlists
    from the VoD content.
  • The ability to add sub-operators
    to the system.


2 months
from contract to launch of a pilot project.
Installation of the solution on the client's side, adding licenses for
1.000 users in the system
Adding player applications for Smart TV, expansion to 10,000 users in the system.
Adding sub-operators to the system, adding applications for Smart TV, Roku, Amazon, adding licenses for another 100.000 subscribers, moving to a more powerful CDN.
New features and licenses for another 1.000.000 users.


At the time of the inquiry, the company had allocated investments and content for a pilot project. The company planned to connect local channels to the system with the further construction of its own data center, expanding to a million users and connecting a large number of content owners.

As a solution, Telebreeze offered the installation of Middleware with the support of 1000 subscribers at the first stage, the installation of transcoders for receiving and transmitting 10 channels, a media server, a VoD server.
As a temporary data center, we have chosen the German Hetzner: it is located close to the region of content distribution and provides servers suitable for the Telebreeze Platform.

After renting the servers, we installed the Telebreeze Platform, uploaded content, added video applications, including LG SmartTV and AndroidTV.

The next step was to add video players for Samsung SmartTV, add one sub-operator, integrating a local payment system, and license for 10.000 users in the system.
The third stage is under implementation: connecting two more sub-operators, moving to a new CDN, since now the speed of content delivery through the data center is limited, adding licenses for 100.000 users, adding a new subtype of administrators in the system – content owners.
The platform operates normally: we installed a complete solution, launched a system with the main operator and three sub-operators. The platform streams religious and educational content for more than 30.000 users.

New Africa Medias has an important social mission to provide free content for poor residents in Africa.

In the future, the company plans to connect a large number of content owners, move to a new CDN, grow to 1.000.000 users, and enter the interactive TV market of neighboring countries.

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