Feature: Offers for Payment Plans

When creating a high-quality competitive B2B product, it is important to consider the convenience of its future use by both your client and its end users. At Telebreeze, we try to approach development in such a way as to provide service providers with the maximum functionality in managing the IPTV/OTT platform, but also to preserve the usual UX of video platforms for users.

In an effort to continuously improve our product and meet the growing needs of the market, this time we have refined the payment system by adding payment offers. We have designed the feature to optimize the process of working with content packages.

What did we do with the payment system?

We have radically redesigned the payment system, giving our customers-operators-the ability to flexibly approach pricing for content packages: now you can purchase one content package for different plans, depending on the period of use and cost.

Now there are 2 types of offers available in our solution:

  • Regular (Regular Payment Offer)
Offers with the specified period and price. You can make the purchase price different from the renewal price. You may make the purchase price zero, then the content will be available for free.
  • Try&Buy
The offer is available for free (once for each user) for a limited time. A trial period for using the package.

Each company chooses the type of offer by itself, depending on its policy and business strategy. The service provider can choose to use a new offer or leave one offer with a single period and cost. Leaving one offer will not let users the possibility to adjust the plan to their needs.
For example, a service provider makes a payment plan named "Videos". The provider allows users to purchase the plan for $25 a month, $30 for 3 months, or $35 for 5 months. Or a free trial period for one month, and then purchase one of the above offers.
This is how it looks like in the service provider's management system, Telebreeze Middleware:
This is what an end user sees in the app:

Why did we do this?

We are eager to make the process of working with our platform not only convenient, but also as effective as possible for all parties. By adding variations to the purchase of packages, we have given operators the opportunity to fine-tune their plans in a more unique way. Operators no longer need to create many identical plans that differ only in cost or period of use, but only add variability by personalizing the offer.

What did the offers look like before?

Before this update, we had a 1-to-1 system, which means that the service provider could create a payment plan with a single price and a single period. If they wanted to allow users to choose the period of use of the plan, they had to create another payment plan with the same content but different payment settings. Not convenient at all :(

What is the profit from the update? What has this given our product now and in the future?

  1. This is a flexible and simplified setup for service providers. It becomes easier for the provider to manage content, plans, and pricing policy;
  2. Users get a choice when purchasing a specific plan, depending on their needs and preferences in getting content;
  3. Users know how such a system works, as it is used on many subscription services

The market is changing, the needs of end users are growing and specifying. Our solution is changing following global trends, remaining "on the wave".