Group of Categories

At Telebreeze, we value the time and convenience of end users, so we adhere to the UI/UX design principles of the current 2020 and upcoming 2021, described in one of our previous articles, and continue to improve the interface of Telebreeze Multiplatform Player application, making it intuitive and convenient. In the new release, we decided to reduce the number of actions on the platform to search for a movie or TV series of a certain category and added the "Genres" section to the main screen.

The main postulates of the current generation of UI / UX video platforms are the primacy of simple, intuitive user interaction with the platform instead of endless switching between sections and playlists. Less is better. It works better than ever here. The easier it is for a user to navigate the platform, the fewer clicks they need to make, the more likely they are to view the content and, as a result, the CRR (Customer Retention Rate), the subscriber retention index, will be at a consistently high level.

In the previous version of the platform, this category was absent, and each genre with the corresponding content selection was located on the main screen "list". In the new release, we have collected these scattered categories into a user-friendly UI. Now all the content that the operator wants to show is concentrated in one place: the main menu. In addition, the operator can customize content by grouping it in a collection: make a selection of movies with your favorite actor, or "Best movies of 2020", and put up a custom poster. This way the user won't miss what an operator wants to show them.

However, the feature remains optional for the platform owner. If he believes that subscribers need it, he simply adds a new category type (Group of categories) in the corresponding tab of the Telebreeze Middleware control panel. We value the freedom of platform management for operators and leave many features optional.