nPVR (Network Personal Video Recorder) in Telebreeze Multiplatform Player

With the development of TV broadcasting technologies, users are no longer satisfied with simply watching programs in real time, a viewer wants to interact with the content: rewind, pause, save for later viewing. The growing needs of subscribers form the trends of the interactive TV market, which operators must adhere to in order not only remain competitive, but also attract new subscribers to their service.

If rewinding, pausing, and selecting content are interactive TV technologies by definition, then the ability for users to record live programs and view them at a convenient time is a separate feature that is not found on all platforms.

What is it

At Telebreeze, we strive to meet the needs of our customers' subscribers as much as possible, so one of the innovations of our application in the new release is nPVR (Network Personal Video Recorder), a technology that allows an individual end user to record programs and save them on the operator's servers for further personal use.

Why did we do this

With the introduction of the new functionality, we have removed restrictions for the user when working with content, allowing him to control the viewing time without relying only on the electronic program guide (EPG).

What was before

In the previous version of the app, users didn't have the ability to record content. If the streaming is over and the channel does not have an archive feature, you couldn't view the program which is already shown. The availability of an archive for the channel is regulated both by the supplier itself and by the legislation of a particular country. When archiving, data is stored on the channel's server for a certain period of time (for example, two days). During this period, the user could watch archived content, after which the archive is cleared for new broadcasts.

Profit for a Service Provider and an end user

NPVR allows you to move the time limits and watch any recorded content when you want. However, keep in mind that if a channel has content copy protection, nPVR technology will not bypass it.

Now, in the Telebreeze Multiplatform Player, when purchasing a package with the ability to record content, the user is allocated a certain amount of space (in minutes) for storing broadcasts. The subscriber manages the allocated time at his own discretion: puts current broadcasts on record, records broadcasts from the archive (if available), and plans to record future broadcasts. For more convenience, a user has a page where he manages records: watch, delete, rename. The functionality also includes a convenient system for filtering and searching records.
With the introduction of nPVR technology in our product, we have potentially expanded the geographical distribution of the platform, focusing on improving the functionality both for service providers and end users. The feature allows service providers to attract and retain users on the platform, and users to interact more flexibly with content, changing their role from passive viewing to active formation of their own video library.