IPTV and OTT TV Systems for Government and Public Sector

Professional media solutions are becoming more advanced by the moment, and Telebreeze is ahead of the curve when it comes to sensible campus media solutions. With our Government and Public sector IPTV and OTT TV services, Telebreeze can offer universities the ability to distribute and manage large libraries of media content that can be accessed on-demand, including regional content that is specific to your country.

With OTT (Over-the-top) television streaming, government institutions can take advantage of a revolution in media distribution that doesn't rely on the traditional multiple-system operators, primarily cable and satellite television providers. Government OTT TV systems make use of the internet to distribute and manage television content, and does so without the need for extensive hardware, expensive contracts, or additional infrastructure.

Telebreeze's software for Government and Public Institutions is Efficient Way to Distribute Streaming Content

The secret to Telebreeze's video broadcasting software for Government TV lies in its use of cloud-based solutions and SaaS (Software-as-a-service), which reduces the overall footprint that the content delivery has while maximizing the possibilities for clients interested in utilizing a more efficient way to distribute audio, video, and more.

  • Easy mobile access: Telebreeze software for Government TV makes integration with mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, extremely simple. Even desktop computers can connect to a government IPTV network. The software itself is versatile in connecting to several different platforms as well, reducing any chances of a user's inability to connect to stream content.
  • Real-time streaming: OTT content can be streamed and delivered in real time, which is especially important when curating on-demand libraries. Cloud-based streaming means that multiple users can all access content in high quality formats, without worrying about system congestion.
  • Customize your content: With your ability to generate and manage on-demand libraries, your campus TV can also generate and stream their own unique content, including media produced by faculty and students. All content is managed and permissions are granted from a centralized control account as well, making adding and deleting content as simple as dragging and dropping.

Telebreeze IPTV solutions for Government TV take the stress and work out of installing and maintaining media solutions on a countrywide level. For costs alone, it's an extremely efficient and affordable solution that allows for a far greater range of media options that aren't locked into multiple-operator system agreements or contracts. With media and mobile options pushing the envelope for user needs, this could be the perfect solution for Government and Public sector TV that want to stay ahead.

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