Smooth Video Delivery with Transcoding Servers and Broadcasting Software

Content developers wonder how to deliver videos to viewers who use different media devices. Live videos are large, so it's hard to simultaneously send them to several audiences. Hence, there is a solution - they use broadcasting software.

Breaking down videos into easily transmittable versions is possible with the aid of video broadcast software. Transcoding servers are commonly used for this.

Transcoding servers are kinds of video broadcast software that process videos accordingly by:
  • Compressing them
  • Recording them in lower bitrates
  • Resizing video frames accordingly

Transcoding content via broadcasting software ensures that viewers can access videos on different kinds of devices without any buffering problems. Live video software prepares content in various sizes, so it can be accurately delivered to different devices.

Sharing Videos via Streaming Servers and Software

Viewers want to get high-quality content in any device they use. Stream software is the way to receive such desirable high-quality.

Stream software is an effective broadcasting software used to deliver high-quality video to viewers' devices. It works by enabling adaptive streaming:
  • Stream software detects the viewer's bandwidth.
  • Live broadcast software sends video streams according to the bitrate and quality the device can handle.
  • Device receives appropriate video stream from the live broadcast software and streaming servers.

The result is a faster streaming rate and better quality videos delivered seamlessly with less buffering time. These servers typically come with good online broadcasting software.

Location-Friendly Streaming with Broadcast Software and Specialized Networks

The broadcast software is used for live streaming in different geographical locations. CDN is a type of video broadcasting software used for efficient video delivery to various locations.

CDN refers to specialized broadcast software that features a dispersed network of distribution servers. These servers store content throughout the scattered CDN networks. The nearest CDN delivers content to the specific user's device. This broadcast software ensures easier delivery of videos to several potential viewers.

Watching Live Streams from Video Broadcasting Software to Video Players

After using video broadcasting software to achieve live streaming, viewers watch the content through video players. Players receive video signals sent by live broadcasting software and display them to viewers rather rapidly.

The IPTV Player from Telebreeze is a white-label player, which runs across several media platforms and plays content streamed from the Internet and broadcasting software.

Most prominent features include:
  • Playback of live streaming videos from live broadcasting software
  • Ability to pause and rewind live streams
  • Playback across multiple platforms
  • Parental controls
  • Advertisement insertion features
  • Access to Video-on-demand services
  • Program Guide support
  • Branding possibilities: custom logos, colors, etc.
  • Adaptability to online broadcasting software

Video players receive streams from live broadcast software and display content on various devices. Players are used in computers, smartphones, TV sets, smart TVs and tablets, that make users feel free in choosing any device.

Players are embedded in streaming websites. Others are packaged with video broadcasting software. Viewers also install their preferred players from the Internet, but these one must be compatible with the video's file type.

Broadcasting Software Products from Telebreeze:

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