Telebreeze at Andina Link Virtual: the online exhibition in Latin America

Situation in the world

The beginning of 2020 has shaken the whole world, forcing us to change the usual way of life, from everyday things to global ones. The pandemic has made changes in the work of companies and changed the vector of business operations. With face-to-face meetings no longer possible, mobility and travel restrictions in most parts of the world, the Internet has become the only possible platform for interaction. This is where virtual interaction platforms come to the rescue of businesses: social networks, instant messengers and online events.

Аndina Link Virtual

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Andina Link provided companies with a new tool to keep in touch and serve customers from all over Latin America without any restrictions and risks imposed on business.

On the virtual platform, companies can demonstrate their products, services and services using banners, videos, catalogs, links. Among other things, at the stand there is an opportunity for customers to contact exhibitors in any way convenient for them: in the general chat, linked messengers or through the transition to the company's personal website.

Аndina Link

Andina Link is one of the most important exhibition events for the Telecom sector in Latin America over the past two decades. For 26 years, Andina Link has been looking for ways to meet the needs of the ICT and Telecom industry in linking supply and demand, creating a special environment for business to thrive.

This year, our team managed to visit an offline event in Colombia, where we successfully met new companies, existing clients and partners. You can read more about our visit here.

Telebreeze and Simeon

SIMEON is our Chilean partner, a consulting company that provides companies and operators in the telecommunications sector with IPTV, OTT, WebTV, VoD and video streaming services, as well as GPON networks.

You can already visit our booth #20 (level 2) on Andina Link Virtual by the link.

Webinar in September

In addition to the marketing materials presented at our stand, visitors will be able to watch a webinar hosted by our partner from Simeon, Carlos Faría. The topic of the presentation will be the future of IPTV/OTT in new conditions.

The webinar will take place on September 8, 17-30 Colombian time and will be conducted in Spanish. We will send you a reminder of this later.

We will be glad to see our partners and clients at our stand! Also, do not forget to read additional information about our products and schedule a call with your personal manager.

See you at Andina Link Virtual!