TV Plus Africa

Company: TV Plus Africa
Location: Ghana
Industry: OTT TV Service provider

TV Plus Africa wanted to become a mobile TV service provider in the Western Africa.

– Telebreeze helped TV Plus Africa to organize OTT TV infrastructure, backed with Telebreeze transcoders, middleware, and OTT players for Android, Windows, and Mac.

– Telebreeze provided sub-operator functionality, which made possible other operators to join TV Plus Africa network and start providing African content to their viewers. Currently, there are 9 suboperators in the system.

– Telebreeze has provided player applications for iOS and Android.

– Telebreeze has enhanced monetization of TV Plus Africa by integrating Google AdMob and InMobi advertising platforms.

– The TV Plus Africa network now offers its content to 100 000+ viewer not only in Africa, but in Europe and America.

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