Professional Over the Top Streaming Solutions for Pay-TV Businesses

The time for change has come. With so many pay-TV businesses currently struggling to compete in many markets around the world, both with one another and with emerging online providers, it's clear that there need to be more solutions that take advantage of existing and upcoming technology. Just one look at the amount of subscribers that an over the top streaming content providers get in a single month is enough to illustrate the point that there's a shift in how consumers are accessing an over the top video and audio content.

Opportunities of Over the Top Streaming

Before you start an IPTV business you need an advantage to compete, and that's where OTT and IPTV solutions enter the picture.

  • Multiple-system operators refer to traditional cable and satellite television providers. In the past, these were the primary sources of television for nearly every business and consumer, but they also come with subscriptions, contracts, and proprietary technology that makes receiving a signal locked to a single set top box manufacturer.
  • OTT, or "over the top", solutions are a different form of audio and video delivery. By using an internet connection, OTT or "over the top" makes it possible to deliver streaming online content without the need for expensive equipment or contracts. OTT content can be customized easily and readily through intuitive user interfaces.

Advantage of to Successfully Start IPTV Business

If you currently operate a Pay-TV business, then you may want to consider what an over the top content delivery can do for your business, and your consumers. OTT can provide real time and OnDemand content across many different devices and networks, with cloud-native systems keeping the required hardware infrastructure at a lean and mean level of efficiency. The end result is the ability to customize and deliver far more content over internet connections than you would otherwise get with satellite or cable.

For Pay-TV in particular, there's also the issue of platform compatibility. The over the top streaming can deliver the content on over 17 different platforms, and can capture video from multiple sources as well. Those platforms include mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, which more and more users are choosing as their primary devices for video and audio content delivery.

Telebreeze's OTT systems and software are built from the ground up to take advantage of these new trends in content streaming, and are easy to partner with pay TV providers that are interested in even more outlets through which they can reach consumers. With competitive pricing and extremely easy setup, it's more than possible for even the newest company to reach millions of consumers they may not otherwise have access to. Find out how Telebreeze can be your perfect pay-TV partner by contacting our representatives today.

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