IPTV Solution for Hospitals

Many hospitals use media such as video and audio with IPTV solutions for the convenience of patients and their families. Hospitals often use media, such as video and audio, for the comfort of patients and their families. Whether during brief or extended stays, medical facilities often rely on traditional multiple-operator systems, like cable and satellite providers, to distribute that content. While these can accomplish the goal, they also come with expensive contracts, hardware installation, and a limited range of content available depending on individual licenses.

Benefits of Telebreeze's IPTV Solution

Telebreeze's TV solution provides a superior alternative for many medical facilities, with OTT (Over-the-top) content streaming. OTT streaming allows hospital administration to distribute media to multiple platforms, including smart televisions, smart phones, tablets, desktop computers, and more. Management of content's also extremely easy with administrative accounts that can control a large library of unique on-demand content.

Hospital IPTV solution provides medical facilities with affordability as well. By combining the power of cloud networking with SaaS (Software-as-a-service), Telebreeze can cut out the need to lease or install expensive equipment to broadcast television or music content. The entire system can be run over a cloud network, and accessed by multiple users in real time, including access to on-demand content.

  • Unique content: Choose the content that's right for your facility with control over both streaming and on-demand libraries. You can even choose access permissions for different categories depending on floors or wings of a hospital or other medical facility, with TV solutions for parental controls and more.
  • Mobile access: More users are relying on mobile devices every day, and OTT content can allow your patients to connect to video and audio as well. Telebreeze's IPTV software is versatile enough to be accessed by over 17 different platforms, including smart phones, desktop computers, tablets, smart TVs, WiFi-enabled Blu-Ray players, and more.
  • Easy control: From addition of unique content produced specifically for your facility, to customizing channels to provide patients and their families with important information about your hospital, there's many ways to make your on-demand streaming video part of your hospital or clinic's benefits for patients. Add, control, and update content all from one extremely simple user interface.

For safety, security, and ease of use, there's no comparison. Telebreeze's OTT content TV solutions are trusted by corporations, schools, and small businesses around the world. Change the way that you distribute media in your hospital today by browsing Telebreeze's hospital IPTV services and package, and be sure to compare the costs to alternative multiple-operator systems. You will find that you could be saving thousands every year on your operational budget by making the switch.

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