Easy and Secure Video Player
for Any Screen
Unique multi-screen Telegram client:
viewers enjoy their videos on any device they choose
Watch on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, set-top-boxes, and web-browsers
Continue Watch
Resume watching
from your stop-point
Add chosen videos to your favorite category
Feel safe thanks to secured proprietary Telegram protocol
Introducing Application is the alternative client for safe and comfortable watching of video from Telegram channels and groups. The player supports most popular end-user devices such as smartphones, tablets, TV boxes, and PCs. Telebreeze technologies, used in the application, ensure users will have interesting videos in the most comfortable way. While secured proprietary MProto protocol for data transfer guarantees that using is as safe as using native Telegram application. provides a number of cool features:
  • dedicated only for video
  • watch on big TV screens and personal devices
  • stop and resume watching from the same position
  • get recommendations on videos, groups, and channels
  • make a list of your favorites
  • search among videos
  • share with your mates

Easy to Watch on Any Device application is compatible with a wide range of platforms
application for the following platforms is coming soon
Start Watching on TV
continue watching on mobile Player Features
We have added missing features
and kept the best from Telegram
Install application on your favorite device and watch videos the way you like
Continue watching
Interrupted watch is no problem any more
because every video keeps your position
Add most interested video to your list of favorities
Pick something new to watch from the list of recommended videos and channels
Type a few words to find desired videos
Share interested videos with your family, friends, and colleagues easily
Feel safe because all data transfers go through secured proprietary Telegram protocol
Feedom of speech and opinions is the key value for Telegram community
Hide your private groups and channels from watching on TVs
Subscribe to favorite channels or unsubscribe from non-interesting
Leave your feedback on videos in comments
Express your feelings in emoji
Try player yourself and share it with your friends
You may install and check application on your iOS and Android mobile devices.
Feel free to give us your feedback
in the Telegram-channel.