Why You Need Video Marketing for Your Business

Every aspect of society is undergoing fundamental changes these days and the business world is no exception. Companies have to approach all areas of their business thoroughly. That includes marketing, which has changed dramatically over the past five years. If high-quality text content was all you needed for good search engine indexing before, now data visualization is the key to reaching the top of the search results. Users don't just want to read about a product or service, they need to see it. That's why video marketing is core to satisfying users' new needs.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a set of methods, tools, techniques, and activities aimed at promoting products, services, or brands through video content. Commercials, video reviews, video blogs, and brand videos are all types of video content that stimulate consumer demand.

Studies show that 10% of information is absorbed after reading it, 30% when it's heard, and 60% when it's viewed. Some studies put the absorption rate from viewing information at 90%. That is why we recommend that you turn your focus to video marketing. With each revolution in recording and transmitting content, people are surrounded by an ever-increasing volume of information and, as a result, content noise. Of course, some level of content noise is natural for any social and communication environment, but as consumer society develops, content noise — from street advertising to search engine optimization – increases. That's why you need to keep your target audience focused on the content your company offers.
A message communicated by video simultaneously works in conjunction with text, audio, and video, giving it the unique ability to impact the user more powerfully.
Video marketing has recently become a very popular tool to promote the services for a variety of organizations. A study by Syndacast showed that over 80% of internet traffic came from video content.

The Advantages of Video Marketing

Video marketing has also drawn attention for its many advantages.

Accessibility — the internet is available to a huge number of consumers
Free and constant traffic — once users see a video, they can repeatedly go to the company's website and its social media profiles
Popularity — users have a higher demand for video than for text or photo content.
Emotional appeal — Thanks to the information conveyed in the visual component's core, it can engage the rational part of an individual's consciousness as well as their emotional side, enhancing the impact on the viewer in the process.
Time Savings – It's easier for users to watch a video review or video instruction than to read long articles that require time and concentration. As mobile devices spread and the information surrounding people increase, consumers spend less time studying it in-depth.

The consumer has moved to social media to satiate their appetite for video content. The importance of video content is hard to overestimate, so ignore this fact at your own peril.
"...more than 90% [of users] feel very strongly that videos are a good aide in making a purchase decision because they provide much more information about the product/service…"
Video content also helps to remember the product/service. According to HubSpot, 80% of consumers remember a video they watched a month ago.
In today's rapidly changing world, video marketing is one of the few types of marketing that provide value, relevance, and adaptability which is what consumers are demanding.
Video marketing empowers you to tell consumers about your solution, promote your brand, attract new customers, and increase their loyalty.
Surveys of marketers from leading companies found that companies that start using video marketing:
● give users a better understanding of the product
● increase the time spent on the website
● drive sales
● reduce the number of calls to technical support

What Video Marketing Gives You

1. Increase conversion and traffic
Videos help users immediately understand what the site is about without having to read long articles with hard-to-understand terms to get to the bottom of the issue. Not everyone has the time to spend reading.
According to Hubspot, nearly 50% of internet users watch videos about a product or service before visiting a store. Videos are a kind of hook that helps you grab viewers' attention.

2. Build trust with clients
As we've already mentioned, when you use video content, you simultaneously work in conjunction with text, audio, and video. This engages all major perception types at once and builds a connection with the audience.

3. Increase website visibility in search results
Having unique video content on your website helps boost search engine rankings. Even content published on video hosting sites with a good description helps to optimize your position in search results.

4. Gain more regular customers

The variety of content increases the significance of the project in consumers' minds. This makes them more willing to request a demo of your product or engage you.

Build your competitive advantage
Despite the high popularity of video marketing, many companies still use old promotion.tools. But the reality of business today shows that companies who are more willing to resort to innovation, get new, flexible users that can also adapt to a rapidly changing world.

6. Personalize your approach to buyers
When viewing videos, users get the impression that they're communicating with the content creator personally and getting personal advice that contributes to growing brand loyalty among consumers.

7. Add another platform for reaching clients
By posting your videos on different platforms, you increase the points of contact you have with users. You can engage the audience through comments and talk about special promotions and offers. This also equals loyalty.

8. Make the brand memorable
A study by HubSpot shows that 80% of consumers remember a video they watched a month ago.

9. Video content works well on all devices
Using the concept of responsive design, video content adapts well to any device the user wants to play it on.

10. Video content tends to go viral
Research shows that about 92% of people who watch videos on their phones share them with other people. This is a significant figure that far exceeds the distribution percentage of any other type of content.

That's why video marketing is becoming one of the most popular types of marketing that can create trust, loyalty, and high conversion. Video marketing provides a unique opportunity to personalize your communication with customers, making a real impact on them. Videos evoke emotions that stimulate action. Consumers want to know that they made the right choice. Video is perfect for reassuring them that they did.