Telebreeze Will Participate in the Development of the World-class Innovative University Campus

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In August 2021, the Governor of the Tomsk Region visited the Special Economic Zone of the city of Tomsk, where he met with representatives of the technological business of the region. The purpose of the visit was to discuss potential cooperation within the framework of the implementation of the regional project "University Campus".

"University Campus" is a project of an intercollegiate campus for students of all six universities of the city. In addition to hotel-type dormitories, it is planned to build innovative laboratories for the development of fundamental science, energy infrastructure facilities, public, commercial, sports, and recreation areas, and a multifunctional training center on the territory.

The project is an inter-university campus, which should become a "new generation environment" — an innovative area integrated into the urban environment. It will be a cluster, a whole ecosystem for students of all Tomsk universities. Today, students from 93 countries of the world and 78 regions of Russia study in Tomsk. The planned social space is a completely new philosophy for the region.

The campus will become a point of attraction for innovative solutions for the regional center and the region, in particular, it will form a modern smart, and safe urban environment.

The governor addressed the residents of the Special Economic Zone with an offer to participate in the technological filling of the campus with their developments.

Vladislav Marchenko, COO of Telebreeze, presented the governor with a software platform for providing digital television services.

University television is a relatively new, but promising niche of development both for the interactive television market and for the universities themselves, who have received the opportunity to transfer the educational process to a virtual environment. Now you can study wherever, how and as long as you want.

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Telebreeze is already implementing a large-scale project to introduce university television in the United States and will be happy to help the hometown in filling the university campus and developing the region.
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