We've Optimized Our Integration with tvzavr

We're so excited to share our update with you! Our team has optimized our integration with tvzavr, one of the leading content aggregators and online cinemas in Russia and the CIS. Since 2010, tvzavr has streamed licensed video content online, including new film releases from around the world, as well as popular and classic movies and TV shows.

Content categories optimized

Digitally storing and delivering video content requires a special approach. Users should, first and foremost, be able to find what they're looking for (e.g. a movie). Secondly, they should be able to access it in the form that works for them. Metadata – data that describes and gives information about other data – is key to making that possible. When a user searches for a movie, that movie has its own metadata. This includes the title, the country where it was filmed, the year it was released, the director and production company, a summary, and so on. With our integration, we've improved the process for collecting content metadata. Before, we simply synchronized content by taking basic video categories (movies, TV shows, cartoons, and so on). Now, with all the kinds of content out there, we've optimized the metadata collection by categories, such as drama, comedy, adventure and action films, thrillers and horror movies. This lets viewers find a movie or show they might like.

Try Before You Buy Service

Now, when configuring tvzavr settings, you can add a free trial period for your customers: Try Before You Buy. This option lets users test out and evaluate what your video library can do and what you have on offer. The length of the free trial depends on the individual terms of the contract between your company and tvzavr (generally speaking, the trial period is 30 days in most countries). Your viewers can take this time to check out the endless stream of movies and shows on their phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs.