Telebreeze team took part in the annual networking event for telecom industry participants in Sochi.

In April, Telebreeze team took part in the annual event for participants of the telecommunications market of CIS countries: the conference of telecom operators TTS'22 was held in Sochi from April 6 to 9. The event in industry is informally called "the telecom community meet-up". This time the crowd consisted of 353 registered participants and 27 partners and key sponsors of the conference.

Of all the goals that the participants could set for themselves, the most important was one: get answers to the silent question "What will happen next?" as the political situation in the region became different and ambiguous. The participants of the conference managed to concentrate on business issues. The informal part, as usual, was perfect. In the world of ecosystems as it is now and when the frames and concepts are fragile, communication on a personal level, informally, becomes a source of strength and confidence in decisions.

The most far-reaching conclusion of the meet-up is that the work does not stop and professional tasks must be solved with no less diligence.

Special thanks for the event to the organizers Alexei Tarasov and Kirill Radchenko and their "20 people "behind the curtains" — the team of TTS organizers and technical staff!