Telebreeze Pre-Integrates PallyCon Multi-DRM and Watermarking Services on its Platform for OTT, IPTV, VoD Clients

Video streaming is highly susceptible to piracy attacks, causing huge revenue losses to media companies. This partnership between two industry leaders ensures piracy is controlled across devices and operating systems

PallyCon, a leading player in providing multi-DRM and forensic watermarking services for OTT platforms, has partnered with the online video platform Telebreeze for offering pre-integrated anti-piracy services to media clients. Telebreeze is a one-stop solution for media companies wanting to set up or upgrade their OTT, VoD, or IPTV business.

The association between the two market leaders presents a formidable security solution to video producers and OTT platforms that can be applied to all types of video assets with ease and in a single workflow. Both PallyCon and Telebreeze support multi-device, multi-platform scenarios, helping clients address the device fragmentation issue and format compatibility.

Govindraj Basatwar, global business head, of PallyCon, says, "Telebreeze has a global reach with hundreds of media clients who offer OTT streaming, IPTV services, and videos on demand in segments like Hollywood films, sports shows, live broadcasts, cultural events, etc. Every media company has to deal with piracy issues since pirates launch sophisticated attacks throughout the delivery chain. With pre-integration of PallyCon's multi-DRM and forensic watermarking solutions into the Telebreeze workflow, these companies can effectively defeat piracy and protect their revenue."

PallyCon's multi-DRM technology covers major license providers, like Google's Widevine, Microsoft's PlayReady, and Apple's FairPlay among others, thus covering all devices, including smart TVs, for user management and ensuring that the video content reaches only the intended recipient. Its forensic watermarking service embeds unique information in each video asset containing ownership and user details, thus letting the content owner find the source of leakage during piracy attacks.

Alexey Leonidov, Head of Technical Support of Telebreeze, says, "Telebreeze is a complete solution for companies wanting to enter the OTT/VoD space. From streaming software, covering all types of mobile and PC OS, adaptive bitrate streaming, advanced video players, to CDN support, our clients can mount an OTT platform from scratch in the shortest possible time. With our partnership with PallyCon, we are able to offer pre-integrated security at the level of multi-DRM management and forensic watermark embedding, monitoring, and extraction service on the fly. Our clients need not look outside for a robust security solution to protect revenue leakage to pirates."

PallyCon is part of the content-security company Inka Networks and is a global leader in providing 360-degree cloud-based end-to-end content security for OTT platforms and major content producers. Its service protocols follow industry standards and technical specifications issued by major players and industry consortia. It offers cloud-based multi-DRM license service, content packaging, SDK, and forensic watermark embedding to help content producers quickly and easily apply content security.

Telebreeze is a US registered corporation, developer of Telebreeze Video Platform — a solution that is used for the preparation, management, and delivery of media content across multiple platforms. The solution provides a flexible, modular, and open ecosystem that allows video service providers to offer competitive next-generation video services. Telebreeze Video Platform is providing the media workflow for more than 200 projects worldwide.