Telebreeze and PortaOne Partnership

Telebreeze Corporation and global communications software company PortaOne, Inc. have announced a partnership that is aimed to make IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and OTT (Over the Top) broadcasting services more available for telephony service providers.

Thanks to integration of Telebreeze's turnkey IPTV/OTT platform and PortaOne's PortaBilling business and operation support system (B/OSS), service providers have a great opportunity to expand their businesses by using the new end-to-end solution which covers all forms of IP broadcast services whether it is channel package subscription or pay-per-view.

Based in Canada, PortaOne is a leading global software developer for modern telecommunication companies. Their products, such as B/OSS & OCS (billing) and SBC & C4-5 (switching) help telecommunication service providers and carriers to run a broad line of retail, enterprise, SME, and wholesale services on a single integrated software platform.

Company's flagship platforms PortaSwitch and PortaBilling are indispensable for over 400 service providers and telcos in 85 countries all over the globe.

About Telebreeze

Telebreeze Corporation is an IPTV / OTT professional solution provider. Telebreeze provides all the necessary software components for a successful IPTV business, including Middleware, Transcoders, Media servers, Video on Demand and Multi-platform Players.