#Stay-at-Home with Telebreeze

As many countries around the world are struggling with the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, which has the health care system at a tipping point, a growing number of regions are recommending their residents to stay home — leading to seemingly endless hours trapped inside with little to do.
We know that this doesn't have the easiest time for all of us, but we continue to firmly adhere to the idea that TV and video entertainment has high priority, especially now.

Here is one more useful recourse to better engage the time while following the "stay-at-home" advice. Launching and managing OTT business is not easy task, and OTT Platforms usually help to be in control of all the processes. But one can make it even easier if the system is understood better.

We are preparing free training video course "Telebreeze Education" for our customers. Get a new skill that can enhance your professional career. Learn how to use Telebreeze components such as Middleware, Multiplatform Player, Media Server, Coder, Video on Demand Server, how to manage content, subscribers, monitor streaming servers, work with billing and monetization tools, statistics and reports etc. Download Telebreeze IPTV/OTT player on Google Play and you'll find the original video content created by Telebreeze Corporation.

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Let's #Stay-at-Home Together!

Telebreeze Team