Professional OTT Solution for Pay-TV Businesses

Multiple-system operators are conventional cable and satellite pay-TV services that can become costly for some businesses in the long run. Pay-TV businesses now have the option to take up professional OTT services for a more cost-effective and efficient way to launch and manage their pay-TV systems using a hybrid, premise-based, or cloud solution. Over-the-top (OTT) refers to the delivery of audio and video over the internet without using a multiple-system operator to control or distribute the content. With a professional OTT solution, your pay-TV business can distribute content through IP networks. This makes it easier to enrich your content and deliver better convenience and value to your subscribers.

Research found that OTT is becoming widely adopted and ideal for pay-TV businesses worldwide. However, integrating the latest on-demand services and OTT platforms into multi-channel and broadcast-centric offerings requires a fresh way to design and operate pay-TV platforms to make them flexible and capable of working with cloud-based technologies. For this reason, professional OTT solutions are provided in three different formats: as a cloud native solution for a standard and virtual IT infrastructure, as a platform to reach devices (i.e. tablets, PCs, and smartphones), and as a service-oriented and flexible SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution.

At this point, pay-TV businesses must address the need to deliver real-time or on-demand content securely across multiple devices and networks, while making sure that they are able to provide flexible means to optimize operating costs and update the platform. Likewise, they must be cloud-based. Moving to the cloud makes sense for pay-TV businesses that would like to take an OTT solution to the next level and help them stay ahead of their competition, especially in a dynamic and vast video market industry.

With an OTT solution, your viewers should easily be able to access your content online. All they need is a viewing device (i.e. their tablet, smartphone, or desktop) and a high-speed internet connection. Working with a leading professional OTT solutions provider for pay-TV businesses can help you implement this platform, which will provide all the important features IPTV operators need while covering IPTV distribution from the video source to your subscribers. One of the best professional OTT solutions come with middleware solutions for managers and operators of content delivery and video streams, and adaptive video streaming to many different devices. It supports up to 17 playback platforms and video capturing from any source, too.