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For many years, Mexico has been gathering representatives of the telecommunications market in Latin America, organizing industry exhibitions and conferences. The most striking events are the "Technomultimedia" exhibition, formerly known as "Infocomm Mexico", and "Convergence of the show", which annually brought together more than 9 thousand participants.

Mexico is the largest country in Latin America in terms of the number of pay-TV subscribers – 20.5 million subscribers. According to statistics for 2021, 54.3% of subscribers receive the service via satellite, 37.2% – via cable, and 8% – via IPTV, which is 2% more than last year.

At the moment, in Mexico, a drop in the share of cable television in favor of IPTV / OTT is recorded. Changes in recent years, which demonstrate the development of OTT technologies, are attracting the attention of businesses. Market capacity, interest in technology, and a wide range of exhibitors have consistently created great potential for partnerships and synergies in the telecommunications sector, but COVID-19 has made adjustments - the latest events took place in 2019, and the 2020 and 2021 exhibitions were canceled.

Telebreeze, together with industry colleagues and leading regional information resources, decided to support their Latin American colleagues and unite in a special issue of Prensario Zone to talk about the achievements, opportunities of the industry, and draw attention to the constantly growing high-tech OTT market.

In the Latin American interactive television market, we helped Cinecable TV, an Ecuadorian Internet and cable TV provider, migrate from broadcasting via cable to its own IPTV platform. How we implemented this project, read on our page on Prensario Zone – Available during July-August.

As of July, Telebreeze is number six in terms of views among all participants, which is quite good!

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