New Player with Adaptive Design and Integrations with Content Providers

The New Player

Telebreeze presents the new version of Multi-Platform Player — fast and adaptive. Our team has developed and optimized it for the best viewing experience!

Player highlights are:

  • Adaptive interface adjusts to any size of the screen
  • Announce sliders and banners help Operators to promote their content
  • Enhanced User Experience both for remote control and touch interfaces
  • New mobile interface
  • Better navigation for channels and EPG
  • Carousel for channels and movies
  • New interface for payments
  • Fresh and modern look
To get the Player, ask your manager to provide you the demo or leave an inquiry on our website.

Integrations with Content Providers

Good news for Operators who want to widen their offer of content. We have made technical integrations of Telebreeze IPTV/OTT Platform with TVZAVR and MEGOGO online cinemas. This means that once you sign an agreement with one of the content aggregators, you are only one click away from offering their content library — Telebreeze has already taken care on the technical background! If you need an integration with any other content provider for your project, just let us know — we can do it for you.