Meeting with representatives of Indonesian business

A business delegation from Indonesia have visited Tomsk. The purpose of the trip organized as part of the national entrepreneurship development project. It was to get acquainted with the products and developments of Tomsk companies and establish new business ties.

The meeting was attended by six representatives of the Indonesian business in the spheres of IT, Internet, transportation and logistics, export-import of food products.

Representatives of Tomsk companies talked with individual delegates, presented their products and discussed the possibilities of joint projects.

Our employees Andrei Shabo and Nikita Belousov talked with representatives of the IT and Internet sectors - Mochamad Ismet - Director of PT Nuansa Era Technologi and Beny Gunawan Soetarwo - Authorized Representative of PT Terra Techno. We were also able to demonstrate our solution to the representative of PT Rahman Samudera Indonesia, Achmad Subarkah Sudarmadji, who have business in conduction the Internet in remote areas of Indonesia.

The results of the meeting were demonstration of our product, exchange of contacts, and establishment of new business ties with the Indonesian region.

For the OTT / IPTV segment, the Indonesian market is promising for development; over the past year, Indonesia has shown steady growth of investments in video content production, taking the second place in the Asian region with an increase in investment by 13%, second only to the leader in this segment - India, which showed an increase of 24% compared to 2018.