IKATV Launch Revolutionizes Access to OTT TV in Mali

According to GSMA usage gap in Africa and the MENA region is twice more than in Europe or USA: 46% of people who live in areas covered by mobile broadband networks do not yet use mobile internet services. Integration of digital content and services to day-to-day life becomes the driver for growth in mobile data usage. For MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa, the ratio of GB per subscriber per month of data usage should grow up to 5-fold by 2026: the greatest expectation in the world.

Usually, traffic grows due to content providers and cloud services. It is their presence that increases the traffic load. So which companies contribute to the African media landscape? These are local media providers which show and prove that it is possible for them to stay competitive in the market, where such giants like Netflix try to attract all possible users.

One of those local telecoms is IKATV — a company from Mali that has set up an OTT distribution platform in several weeks. For the hottest deep African regions that are revolutionizing access to Internet television, available at all screens and connected devices. The project was launched in the summer and is now in the process of stable development.
Koureissi KONARE, IKATV director, says: "We had 25 licensed local channels available for streaming and wanted to make them work and be renowned by the audience in other countries where our people travel or work to. The OTT service will help people keep connected with Africa whenever they are and make African life and culture more integrated globally. "

Koureissi Konare
IKATV director

Nick Pesegov
Founder and CEO of Telebreeze
Nick Pesegov, CEO Telebreeze, the provider of the technical solution, says: "In spite of our experience of deployment in many countries, we were especially amazed with the development speed of this local African company. Together we have deployed the platform and launched the service within 1 month. Not all established companies may be proud of such a speed. This shows the growing professionalism of local engineers and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, IKATV may develop a virtual operator model and scale the service rapidly, giving the other African entrepreneurs good start-up opportunities."