Telebreeze's Executive Director to Speak about Global Business from Siberia at the Gorod IT Conference

On September 6–7, 2019, Tomsk will host the 10th annual Gorod IT Conference (IT City), the largest conference dedicated to IT business in the Eastern Russia. Each year, more than 2,000 participants from all over Russia gather here, including businessmen, managers, specialists, IT students, as well as government officials.

This year, the conference's key theme will be "The Digital Gene" – a gene that's changing the economy and industry today. Industrial Revolution 4.0 is radically changing life in modern society. Control systems are getting a reboot from widespread digitalization, process automation, and continuous innovations. According to natural selection, the driving principle of evolution, systems that cannot change die out. "In biology, one gene is responsible for the entire organism's growth and function, and the same is true for the economy: IT no longer serves business, IT is changing its essence."

Our Executive Director, Vladislav Marchenko, will speak on the topic "Can a global business be conducted from Siberia?" on September 6, 2019 (in Tomsk at the Fakel Entertainment Center). Other forum participants include Dmitry Sevostyanov, CEO of Aurigma, and Artem Borodin, Standuply's Co-Founder and Product Director. A round table discussion will explore the following issues:

  • Can a global business be built from Siberia?
  • What business processes can be performed from Siberia? Is having an office in the target market a "must"?
  • Which specialists are in short supply: sales managers, tech support engineers, account managers, content managers, marketers? Is it true that these specialists aren't being trained anywhere? How can this issue be resolved?
  • Which markets (geographical, b2c, b2b) is it best to work in?
  • How to tackle issues surrounding English-language skills and the difference in time zones?

We looking forward to seeing our friends and partners at the Gorod IT conference on September 6 and 7 in Tomsk.