Clients' Top Priority is Quick, Convenient Access to the Service

How we accelerate Telebreeze Platform with Elasticsearch
The Challenge
Your OTT or IPTV business is developing rapidly, adding new content to the service every day. As it grows, so does the number of your subscribers. With the service thriving, it begins to slow. Pages lag, video load times drag on, subscription payments take too long, and customers start to get upset. What do you do?

The Solution
Telebreeze has come up with a speed solution for its partners: Elasticsearch technology, a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine. It allows you to store, search, and analyze large volumes of data quickly and in near-real-time. It's usually used as the underlying engine that powers applications with complex search features and requirements. The Telebreeze Platform uses Elasticsearch to accelerate the search process and loading pre-loaded data.

How It Works
Elasticsearch accelerates processes through search engine indexing. To give you an idea of what that looks like, a search index is like an address book with a brief summary of data. The process of creating that book is called indexing. Let's say that you have 5,000 movies from different genres on your server. Each movie features a detailed description and lists the genre, country, release year, production company, actors, IMDb rating, and more. When the search engine is indexed, it only takes a summary of each of the 5,000 movies. In other words, it creates a tiny filmography or catalog. Managing a catalog is easier and faster than handling the entire dataset. That's how Elasticsearch indexing speeds up data readout by hundreds of times.

The Result
We've helped our partners improve customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty using Elasticsearch's technological advantages:

  • Speed. As the OTT/IPTV industry has grown, our clients reached the point where the service was taking 20 seconds to process user queries. This led to long content load times. These queries are now processed in 80 milliseconds, which means our client operators' viewers can find the content they want and purchase movies, TV shows, or subscriptions quicker.
  • Data Actuality. Because the dataset on the server is recompiled every day — whether it's by adding content, registering new users, or subscriptions, the information is always up-to-date. It's worth noting that if an operator edits a catalog, the information inside the catalog is distributed after some time, not immediately. That's the cost of having speed and convenience for your users.
  • Scalability. Elasticsearch can work with any area of activity that requires collecting and analyzing statistic data. It offers horizontally scalable search capabilities and supports multithreading.
  • Security. Elasticsearch can detect server technical failures, solve the access problem with your data using online (hot) backup.