Business Opportunities in Latin America

If you are still looking for a region to start your business in, you might want to consider some of the countries of Latin America.

Some of LATAM countries have various government support programs for entrepreneurs. They do not only support domestic businesses but also create incentives for foreign companies to move their operations in those countries.
Chile Chile is the only OECD member among Latin American countries. With its fast-growing economy and the Government's support for businesses, it is now often referred to as the economic model for Latin America. About 200 000 Chileans have received some sort of benefit from government-backed entrepreneurship programs.

Start-Up Chile is a biggest Chilean and leading in LATAM startup accelerator. It is fully funded by the Chilean Government. Thanks to Start-Up Chile about 750 fledgling companies from more than 65 countries have moved to Santiago in order to take an opportunity to get funding and visas. After it was created, 50 countries created similar programs.

Production Development Corporation (CORFO) has a variety of programs for domestic and foreign companies that operate in Chile.

Crysalis - Incubator of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV). It was founded in 2009 in Valparaiso for supporting and financing of technology companies in the early stages.

Exosphere - is (how they call themselves) learning and problem-solving community. Based in Santiago. Also has some programs for entrepreneurs.

Incubatec - Business Incubator of the University of La Frontera. Was recognized by CORFO as the best Incubator in Chile in 2014 and 2015

Incuba Udec - Business Incubator of the University of Concepción.

Working - coworking space supported by Corfo.

The "S Factory" - Start-Up Chile 's pre-acceleration program for startups led by female founders.
Peru, like Chile, is also one of the fastest growing economies and one of the most important countries in Latin America.

Startup Peru - is a program of the Peruvian State for Peruvian companies that offer high technology or innovative products.

Innovate Peru - is a state entity that aimed to promote innovations. It has several different funding programs.

COFIDE - the Development Bank of Peru also helps businesses in Peru.

Utec Ventures - is the entrepreneurship department at Universidad de Ingeniería Tecnología (UTEC). It provides acceleration, mentoring, incubation and access to angel investors network. UTEC also has the engineering program and offer specialized services for corporate clients.

Inter-American Development Bank(IADB) - provides loans, grants, and technical assistance.

Wayra - the first accelerator in Peru. It helps with support and development for projects related to new technologies.

Endeavour Peru - is an organization that helps entrepreneurs to succeed through a unique network of mentors and allies.

MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program - provides education, training and financing for entrepreneurs.
Brazil is 9th largest economy, 5th largest country, and 2nd most populous country in the Americas behind the United States with a population more than 200 million people.

Brazil market is not that easy to do business comparing to Chile or Peru, but it worth a try because it is the good opportunity for technology companies to capture a piece of the incredibly large and tech-savvy consumer base.

Start-Up Brasil is a National StartUp Acceleration Program, created by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication (Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovações e Comunicações – MCTIC), managed by Softex and partnering with accelerators, to support startups.

SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro-Enterprise and Small Business Support Service) – a quasi-government agency that is focused on stimulating entrepreneurship and supporting businesses.

Gust - is the platform that helps startups to find investors.

Inseed - also helps startups and investors to meet each other.

Anjos do Brazil - is the largest angel investor network in Brazil.

Artemisia - is a non-profit organization that inspires and educates entrepreneurs.

Cubo - has different programs for entrepreneurs including workshop and mentors.

Plug - coworking space.

Impact Hub - a collaborative center of social entrepreneurs. They offer a shared workspace, inspiration, collaboration opportunities and unique ecosystem of resources.

InovAtiva Brasil - is an acceleration program for innovative businesses.

ACE - is also the startup accelerator that has been awarded 3 times in a row as the Best Latin American Accelerator. It helped more than 20 large corporations led innovative process in their industry sectors.

The Startup Circuit is a network that supports entrepreneurs. They offer mentoring, networking, investor rounds, pitch sessions, training, lectures and various support programs.