Become an Operator

TV channels delivery to any country and any device

National TV, local news from home towns in a first language - you tell us what channels you need and we will deliver them to your customers devices. No worries about head-end equipment, no CAPEX, no need to read through tons of papers on video standards and licensing agreements - we will handle it. You just give your customers a Receiver or Set-Top Box and operate the cash flow.

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Broadcast your Content

fast and reliable streaming in all of the world

Telebreeze Platform allows to broadcasters deliver their content to a huge number of subscribers. The solution offered by Telebreeze employs advanced technologies that guarantee high quality of experience for customers - the picture quality is optimized for available throughput capacity. It remains smooth and stable in variable bandwidth scenarios within unique hybrid of classical CDN and P2P delivery.

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Advertise Here

show your advertising to existing audience of our operators

If you are an advertising agency or just want to promote your product or service, you can easily push your commercial to the system and receive real statistics about watching and responding to the campaign.

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