Программа технической поддержки Telebreeze


1. Covered Issues
1.1. The service implies consultations on questions regarding the existing functionality of the Telebreeze IPTV/OTT Platform and assistance with the investigation of issues regarding the Telebreeze Platform. Feature requests on the Platform's functionality are also welcomed for consideration. However, please note that the service doesn't imply or guarantee the implementation of requested features or desired functionality. Feature requests may be fulfilled under a separate custom development agreement.

1.2. The service implies consultations on questions regarding compatibility with any type of 3rd party services, products, devices, and equipment, including but not limited to IRDs (integrated receiver decoder), live transcoders, content provider services, CDN (content delivery network) services, hardware servers equipment, which was purchased by recommendations from Telebreeze team members or representatives as a basis for Telebreeze Software Products, STBs (set-top-boxes) and various end-user devices, DRM (digital rights management) and other content protection systems, payment platforms, billing systems, and BSS/OSS (business support systems/ operations support systems). Telebreeze team will make its best efforts to investigate and resolve any kind of compatibility issues, though it may not be responsible for these services, products, devices, and equipment. Please keep in mind that the technical support service is strictly limited to consultations and assistance with configuration or adjustment of settings of any kind of services, products, devices, and equipment. If the resolution of the issue requires any kind of modification of the Telebreeze IPTV/OTT Platform, which can't be done by the adjustment of settings or configuration and requires development efforts, then such modifications must be made strictly under the terms of the custom development agreement.
2. Software Updates and Upgrades
2.1. Telebreeze Software Updates may include bug-fixes for issues reported by the Telebreeze customers or discovered by the Telebreeze team. Such updates may also include implementation of minor features and enhancements in the existing functionality of the Telebreeze IPTV/OTT Platform. Software Updates are typically provided every month, except for critical updates, which are provided as soon as they become available.

2.2. Telebreeze Software Upgrades introduce new features or significant modifications of the existing functionality of the Telebreeze IPTV/OTT Platform. Software Upgrades may also include bug-fixes for issues reported by the Telebreeze customers or discovered by the Telebreeze team. Software Upgrades are typically provided every quarter (3 months), but no less than every 6 months period.
3. Communication Channels
3.1. Telebreeze Technical Support service is always provided via emails submitted by support@telebreeze.com or via the tickets system, which is a part of the Operator's Dashboard.

3.2. Consultations via online messengers (e.g. Skype) is essential for the start of the project and for timely resolution of the critical issues. However, such communications are hard to plan and to manage therefore they should be used responsibly for time-critical and important questions. Telebreeze doesn't provide consultations via WhatsApp or any other types of messengers, which provide any kind of personal information, such as a cell phone number or a personal email. We also recommend considering such messengers as an alternative for voice communications, which should be planned and time-limited.

3.3. Consultations via voice communications with the technical engineers or developers is possible and should be preliminarily scheduled (even for the same day). We also recommend providing as much preliminary information as possible via tickets, emails, or text messages before the conversation in order to prepare for the call and to use the time more effectively. Voice communications are possible only via systems for online calls (Skype, Zoom, etc.) or office phones. Telebreese doesn't provide personal contacts of the team members.
4. OTT Platform Knowledge
4.1. Telebreeze team does the best of efforts to provide as much information about the IPTV/OTT Platform as possible. The first and the most relevant resource is the Knowledge Base about the Platform, which contains the most recent articles about the functionality and "how to" scenarios. The Knowledge Base is always available by the following link: https://crm.telebreeze.com/api/core/faqs.
Telebreeze also provides video demos and tutorials on the most important functions of the Platform in order to give a visual presentation of the features.

4.2. Telebreeze provides detailed documentation (User Guide and other documents) about the Platform, which describes every function and every setting available to the Operator. Though the documentation is the most comprehensive guide for Telebreeze Products, it's usually updated once a year therefore may not always cover the most recent changes and updates in the IPTV/OTT Platform.

4.3. Sometimes reading the documents and articles and watching video tutorials is not enough for a complete understanding of some functions of the Platform or even of some basics of the IPTV/OTT technologies. Therefore Telebreeze team is happy to dedicate its time to online training of the Operator's engineers, who will work with the Platform in order to discuss and to clarify all possible questions, which may arise either at the start of IPTV/OTT project or later while dealing with more advanced cases.
Such training is provided online via Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing tools and must be scheduled at least 3 (three) work days in advance. The total duration of the training is limited to 8 (eight) hours, which may be used by any number of sessions no less than 1 (one) hour long. For example, 8 (eight) sessions by 1 (one) hour, or 1 (one) session of 8 (eight) hours, or 2 (two) sessions 3 (three) and 5 (five) hours long, etc. Additional training hours may be purchased by request to the project's business development manager.
5. Other Features
5.1. In order to provide the best quality of service Telebreeze will assign a personal project manager and a technical engineer to the project, who will be deeply involved in the context of the project, will be in direct communication with the Operator's team, will make a plan of deploy of the IPTV/OTT system, will help with the start of the project, will manage tasks on the projects within the Telebreeze team and will be able to provide the answers to the numerous questions without additional clarifications and in the most timely manner.

5.2. Telebreeze team sets high standards for its service and always tries to overcome the declared levels. However, in order to determine the expectations for the response time of the service we put the maximum waiting hours for response on the critical issues.

5.3. The technical support program starts with the actual works at the start of the project and lasts for 365 days. Technical support service according to the desired level must be purchased before the start of the next period.
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