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OTT Platform

Over the top

Over-the-Top (OTT) Internet television involves the delivery of video content from video service providers to end users over the public Internet. OTT services can be accessed by anyone who has a suitable high-speed connection to the Internet.

Since 2012 Telebreeze has been helping enterprises around the World in launching OTT TV services. Companies from more than 40 countries have already implemented our platform during this period.

The platform provides all necessary features for IPTV operators and completely covers the IPTV distribution from a video source to a subscriber:

With Telebreeze you can build an IPTV/OTT network of an unlimited scale. Our team will provide a professional assistance in setup and configuring of a solution in your location, as well as training of your staff.

Please read the description of Telebreeze products below.

Our Products

Middleware Solution

IPTV System Core

Telebreeze Middleware is a multi-operated web-application that controls all modules of a solution and allows service providers to manage over IPTV/OTT business.

Main features
Telebreeze Coder

Real-Time Powerful Transcoding

A real-time encoding/transcoding solution Telebreeze Coder is one of the most powerful software product on the market providing uncompromising quality. Functionality coming with the encoders allows broadcasters and service providers to deliver multi-feature services in resolutions up to Full HD 1080i/p.

Telebreeze Coder solution cost-effective and very simple to use. It does not depend on any particular hardware thus making it possible for you to run it on a third party hardware of your choice.

The following input/output cards are supported: AJA, Declink, Dektec, Elecard HDAccess, Softlab-NSK, StreamLabs with IP, SDI, HD-SDI, ASI, HDMI and analog interfaces. Coding on 1U server platform at maximum quality settings: up to 5 channels AVC \ H.264 Full HD, or up to 25 channels AVC \ H.264 SD.

Main features

Telebreeze Media Server

Effective Content Delivery to your Subscribers

Telebreeze Media Server provides live streaming in unicast over the Internet and networks, where live multicast streams and UDP traffic are not allowed and when thorough monitoring and subscriber statistics are required.

The server can be efficiently applied for live streaming between two stations connected to the Internet for further content broadcasting to end-users. This cost-effective solution can ultimately replace TV channel transmission through satellites with the image quality solely depending on the network bandwidth.

The server can be effectively applied for media content distribution via Internet to different types of end-user devices such as set-top boxes, smartphones or HD displays. This solution allows IPTV-providers to reach a wide range of subscribers that used to be an impossible task because of peculiarities of their Internet connection.

Main features

Video on Demand

High-Performance Server for VoD Services

Telebreeze Video on Demand is a high-performance software for Video on Demand service providers, which capable to serve up to 8000 concurrent connection at one server. Telebreeze Video on Demand allows operators to automatically prepare their content for adaptive streaming with the highest quality. The software provides secure access to the content through the Internet connection.

Main features

Telebreeze Player

White Label Player for Any Screen

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Windows Logo
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Tizen Pinwheel On Light RGB
Dune HD

Telebreeze Player is a subscriber’s interface for accessing media content. It supports all popular operation systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS. The Player can be used at Smartphones, Tablets, TV Boxes, SmartTVs and PCs. Easy usage and elegant design is our vision for the best combination.

Main features


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