Telebreeze offers a value added partnership in providing the best service for IPTV and OTT markets. To start cooperation with Telebreeze, please contact Sales.

Global OTT TV market will grow nearly 2 times in the next 5 years. Revenues are projected to reach $83 billion in 2022.

Do not lose the market! Become a Telebreeze partner and make the best offer for your clients.

We work with

System integrators / Resellers

We offer a profitable cooperation for system integrators and resellers. We provide an end-to-end white label solution capable to solve your clients’ problems and bring their business to a new level. Telebreeze provides full support and consultancy at every stage of a project.

IPTV/OTT hardware vendors

In Telebreeze, we work with top-notch hardware, e.g. server platforms, receivers, multiplexors and other head-end equipment. We are ready to integrate and promote joint hardware and software solutions with trusted companies.

CDN providers

Telebreeze has many IPTV and OTT projects worldwide, and we need top-quality CDN providers. We welcome fast, flexible, secure content delivery solutions as our partners.

STB vendors

Enrich your offer with full OTT solution. Your clients will get a pre-integrated STB + Middleware solution, which will save extra costs for a customer.


Do you have a business offer? We are always open for any kind of beneficial cooperation.

Why you should work with us:

Our clients and partners do not treat us as just technology provider but more as experienced IPTV/OTT partner during the implementation of projects. You can join them. Our mission is to treat our partners and clients as companions for many years.

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To begin our partnership, please fill out the form below:

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