29 Jul 2016



Hotel TV

Hotel TV

When people are away on vacation or staying in a hotel for whatever reason, they often tend to get bored. And, the easiest way to cure that boredom (and to make some money in the process) is by offering them some programming that they can enjoy right from the comfort of their own hotel rooms. Whether you are a current IPTV provider or just a business that is looking for a way to expand, then offering IPTV services exclusively to and in hotels or in addition to your current customer base is an excellent way to achieve your goals. Before you jump onboard and try it out, however, you will need to know and understand a few important things.

Ready to Go

One of the most important things to understand is that hotel consumers are out of their comfort zone and their usual elements. Thus, they do not want to sign up for anything or commit to anything. What this means for you, as a service provider, is that hotel TV services are not the way to go if you are trying to attract long-term, loyal customers or if you are looking at hotel services as a way to break into the industry and become one of the main television service providers out there. There are certainly other routes that you can take if that is your goal, but this particular route is not the one that you want.

These hotel patrons are customers that want to access the content they want WHILE they are in the hotel and then go home to their regular providers and services. As such, if you go into this line of business, you will most definitely want to ensure that you are offering true “turnkey” services. What this means, essentially, is that your services and your content should be offered for a one-time fee or a per-use or per-visit fee, not as part of a long-term sign-up type of plan or under the premise of starting an account.

Of course, none of this is to say that offering turnkey content cannot turn into something more. Consumers who are very satisfied with the programming and content that you are offering may very well look into your services when they get home and end up going through all of the steps necessary to sign up for them. You can even request (but not require) that they start an account while they are using your services and accessing your content during their hotel stays. Its also smart to continually advertise your services, if they exist, while guests are enjoying your content. This is a great way to attract new and long-term business. However, if you are going to offer hotel IPTV, don’t look at this as a guaranteed way to get constant customers because it most certainly is not.

In fact, the easier you make if for your hotel customers to access the content that they want without any type of standing commitment, the more likely is is that they will use your services and perhaps even commit to them long-term, but the bottom line is that you can’t force it, or they probably will not bother with you and your IPTV services, no matter how much they want entertainment in their hotel rooms, at all.


If you do ultimately decide that offering hotel IPTV could be a smart choice for you and for your business, then you may want to think about partnering with one particular hotel, or, at the very least, finding a service that can help you to design your IPTV interfaces in such a way that they can accommodate and reflect a wide range of hotels.

The reason for this is because, when hotels choose to work with an IPTV service, they are typically looking to work with a service that will allow them to brand and advertise themselves. Just as you want to brand yourself as an IPTV service, the hotel or hotel services that you partner with want to do the same.

Obviously, this is made much easier if you choose to work with only one hotel. Then, you can design and base logos, themes, colors, interfaces, apps, and more with the hotel logo, brand, and more in mind. If you are trying to be more expansive and want to work with multiple hotel chains, then the key is to simply have an interface that can be easily modified to reflect whichever hotel your service is being offered at at a given moment.

The thing to keep in mind is that you want to brand and advertise the hotel just as much as you brand and advertise your own products and services that you are offering at the hotel. This is what is going to attract hoteliers to you and make them choose your service over all the others. They want to work with a company that is going to have their best interests at heart, and, by being that company, it is not all that difficult to beat out the competition, even the “big name” competition, which is often unwilling to compromise its brand and logo to suit the hotel and its needs.

When you are willing to advertise the hotel first and yourself second, everybody wins. You win because you will attract more and better hotel clients. They win because they get advertised, branded, and “known for something.” You both win because, while they are getting advertised, you and your brand are also being advertised. There is no need to hammer in your brand name; if you are offering good IPTV Management System to hotel patrons, you WILL get noticed, even if you spend more time promoting the hotel than you do yourself. So many people go in and out of hotels that, even if your logo and information is just on screen for a very short time, people will slowly but surely start to recognize it, and the word will spread, guaranteed.

IPTV Services Quality

In addition to offering easily brandable content to hotel patrons, you also want to keep in mind that, with these consumers, you have a very short time in which to showcase what your services are all about and what, exactly, they can do. As such, you need to make the most of the time that you do have with the consumer when he or she using your services. This is your one chance to sell yourself and to showcase exactly what your business has to offer.

That means, first of all, that there should never be any stuttering or other playback problems with your content. If there are, you can pretty much rest assured that the consumer will, from that point forward, have negative associations with your brand. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the consumer is likely to tell others negative things about your brand and relate negative experiences every time your brand is brought up, which, of course, is the very last thing that you want to happen.

You also want to ensure that your picture quality is good, that your content is easily accessible and properly labeled, that it can be accessed through as many media outlets and platforms as possible, that it is reasonably priced, and that you charge fairly and accurately according to pricing descriptions.

While you may never encounter a particular hotel client again after he or she stays in the host hotel, the bottom line is that your reputation is on the line when people are likely to only have a handful of highly memorable experiences with your service. They don’t have time to judge you overall; they judge you on a first impression. As such, you want to ensure that their experience, whether it is their first, their last, or both, is entirely positive from start to finish. When you only have on chance to make a good impression, it is certainly imperative that you do it on the first try. If you are not willing to face that challenge, then offering hotel IPTV services may not be for you.

The only way to make positive, quality experiences happen is to go through a quality service in order to offer your own services. While you can offer hotel IPTV services on your own, it’s really not recommended, even if you are currently offering hotel IPTV services to other consumers.

In fact, even if you think that you know the industry well, providing high quality IPTV services to a LARGE number of people, people who are only giving you once chance to do things right, is very difficult, and it is even more difficult if you want to ensure quality, which, of course, you do since your reputation is on the line.

For that reason, you are very much encouraged to offer your hotel IPTV system through a professional service that gives you all of the tools that you need to successfully offer high quality, high speed, easy to access content to hotel guests.

Remember, these guests, often short on time and sleep, are highly volatile, so, in this day and age of internet reviews, you certainly do not want to do anything to upset them or give them reason to talk poorly about your business.

Plus, of course, you want to be and want to be known as the type of business that cares about it customers, even the short term ones, enough to offer only the highest quality television services. Thus, don’t ever put your business and its reputation on the line; if you are going to bother to broadcast in hotels, make sure that it is worth it- both for you and the consumer as well.

If you can provide positive hotel viewing experiences to consumers, you will likely quickly find that your business grows and expands quite rapidly as word of mouth spreads and as people switch based on the positive experiences that they have had during their hotel stays.

If you can keep these tips in mind and, above all else, put quality and the customer first, then you can have wonderful success offering your IPTV services to hotels.