05 Jul 2015



GEO-IP Blocking Feature

Geo IP Blocking

We are happy to announce a new feature for Telebreeze Middleware that allows setting filters by the following options:

  • Channel packages blocking for certain countries or IP masks
  • Player login blocking for certain countries or IP masks
  • Operators/Dealers blocking for certain countries or IP masks
A filter is able to work both in "blocking" and "allow only" modes.

Here is an example how it works: you are an operator from Germany and you need to show your premium package only in your country. So you choose an option of "allow only" filter, choose a package and set a country. Now only German subscribers will watch your premiun channels.

About Telebreeze Middleware: it is a core of Telebreeze IPTVOTT Plaform, a multi-operated web-application that controls all modules of a solution and allows service providers to manage over IPTV/OTT business.

In order to get more information about GEO-IP Blocking and other features of Telebreeze Middleware, feel free to contact our Sales Department

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